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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2015 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
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‘D’ Companies

Dailey Productions
Dallas Cairns Film Company
Dania Biofilm Kompagni
Daniel Carson Goodman Corporation
Danny Kaden-Film GmbH
Dansk Biografkompagni
Dansk Filmfabrik
Dansk Kino-Foto-Film Industri
David Butler Productions
David Horsley Productions
David W. Griffith Corporation
Davis Distributing Division
Davison’s Film Sales Agency, Limited
Dawley Productions
De Forest Phonofilms, Incorporated
De Forest Phonofilms [Australia]
De Forest Phonofilms [British]
De Forest Phonofilms [South Africa]
De Forest Phonofilms [South America]
Dell Henderson Productions
DeMille Pictures Corporation
Dependable Pictures Corporation
Det nye Danske
Det Skandinavisk-Russike Handelshus
Deutches Biograph
Deutsche Bioscop GmbH
Deutsche Lichtbild Gesellschaft
Deutsche Mutoskop und Biograph
Deutsche Vitaskop
Diamond Super, Limited
Dianda Film Company
Diando Film Corporation
Direct-From-Broadway Feature Film Company
Dirigo Films, Incorporated
Distinctive Pictures Corporation
Diva Pictures, Incorporated
D.N. Schwab Productions, Incorporated
Domino Films
Doubleday Productions Company
Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corporation
Duke Worne Productions
Dunbar Film Corporation
Dustin Farnum Productions, Incorporated
Dwan Film Corporation
D.W.G. Corporation
D.W. Griffith Corporation
Dyreda Art Film Corporation
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Dawley, H.M.  >  H.M. Dawley, Incorporated
Day, Will  >  Will Day Kinutilities
DeCourcy, Walter  >  Walter DeCourcy Productions
de Haven, Carter  >  Carter de Haven Productions
DeMille, Cecil B.  >  DeMille Pictures Corporation
Dierker, Hugh E.  >  Hugh E. Dierker Photo Drama Productions
Dillon, Edward  >  Edward Dillon Productions
Dwan, Allan  >  Allan Dwan Productions and Dwan Film Corporation
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