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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2015 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
All Rights Reserved.

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‘G’ Companies

Gail Kane Productions
Gainsborough Pictures Limited
G & J Photoplay Company
Garson Studios, Incorporated
G.A.S. Films
G.A. Smith
Gaumont British Picture Corporation
Gaumont Company
Gaumont Talking Picture Company
Gene Gauntier Feature Players Company
General Film Agency
The General Film Company, Incorporated
General Film Company of Australasia
General Film Supply Company
Genina Film
George Arliss Productions
George Beban Productions
George Clark
George H. Wiley, Incorporated
George M. Cohan Film Corporation
Georgia Hopkins Picture Company
German-American Cinematograph and Film Company
Gibson and Dyer
Globe Feature Picture Booking Company
Globe Pictures
Gloria Films
Gold Seal Film Corporation
Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan Distributing Corporation
Goldwyn Distributing Corporation
Goldwyn Pictures Corporation
Goldwyn Producing Corporation
Good Luck Film Company
Goodman Productions, Incorporated
Goodwill Comedies, Incorporated
Goodwill Pictures of California
Goskinprom Gruzii
Gotham Productions
Graf Productions, Incorporated
Grand-Asher Distributing Corporation
Graphic Film Company
Graphic Film Corporation
Greater Features, Incorporated
Greater Japan Film Machinery Manufacturing Company, Limited
Greater Vitagraph, Incorporated
Great Northern Film Company
Great Western Film Company
Great Western Producing Company
Greenbaum-Film GmbH
Grossman Pictures
See also:
Gardner, Helen  >  Helen Gardner Pictures Corporation
Garson, Harry  >  Harry Garson Productions and Garson Studios, Incorporated
Garsson, Murray W.  >  Murray W. Garsson, Incorporated, and Murray W. Garsson Productions
Gaskell, W.T.  > W.T. Gaskell
Gasnier, Louis J.  >  Louis J. Gasnier Productions and L.J. Gasnier Productions
Gaumont, L.  >  L. Gaumont and Company, Gaumont British Picture Corporation, Gaumont Company and Gaumont Talking Picture Company
G.B. Samuelson  >  Samuelson Film Manufacturing Company, Limited
German Biograph  >  Deutches Biograph
Gibson, Helen  >  Helen Gibson Productions
Ginsberg, Henry  >  Henry Ginsberg Distributing Corporation
Goldstone, Phil  >  Phil Goldstone Productions
Goldwyn, Samuel  >  Samuel Goldwyn, Incorporated
Goodman, Daniel Carson  >  Daniel Carson Goodman Corporation
Gramlich, Charles  >  Charles Gramlich Feature Plays, Incorporated
Grey, Zane  >  Zane Grey Pictures, Incorporated
Griffith, Corinne  >  Corinne Griffith Productions
Griffith, D.W.  >  D.W.G. Corporation and D.W. Griffith Corporation
Gunning, Wid  >  Wid Gunning, Incorporated
Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Companies  >  G
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