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Bratya Razboiniki
(The Brigand Brothers)
Also known as The Brigand Brothers in the United Kingdom
(1912) Russian
B&W : Two reels
Directed by Vasili Goncharov

Cast: Arsenii Bibikorand, Ivan Mosjoukine, Vasili Stepanov, Dolinina, Aleksandra Goncharova

A. Khanzhonkov and Company production. / Produced by Aleksandr Khanzhonkov. Scenario by Vasili Goncharov. Cinematography by Louis Forestier. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format.


Synopsis: A thief and his gang are at their camp next to the Volga River. He tells them of how his father died in a river, and how his brother and he were thrown out of the house as children by their step-mother. They came to work on a farm where both brothers fell in love with the farmer’s daughter. The older brother sees the younger kissing her, and he confronts them both. The daughter consoles the distraught brother. One day, the younger brother is playing a flute instead of watching a herd and a calf is trampled. The farmer is very upset and throws the younger brother out. On a trail the farmer overhears the brothers talking about his daughter who runs up the path to her lover. The farmer attacks the younger brother and is beaten down by the older. The brothers are forced to flee cross country on foot. The farmer catches up with the brothers and is robbed on his horse and clothing, and is beaten by the older brother with the younger begging for mercy. The farmer’s daughter is taken captive by the older brother during their robbing spree. In a camp he sets her free seeking seeking her attention by jewelry they’ve robbed. She rejects him and he threatens to stab her before the younger brother intercedes. The brothers are caught but escape prison. The brothers are chased but escape into the woods. The younger brother succombs to thirst and dies. He is buried by his grieving older brother. The brother finishes his story to the band of thieves.

Survival status: Print exists.

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Keywords: Animals: Cattle, Horses - Birds: Chickens - Burials - Camps - Captives - Chases - Children: Orphans - Corpses - Crime: Beatings, Strangulation - Criminals: Bandits - Death - Drowning - Escapes - Families: Step-mothers - Fences: PIcket - Fugitives - Graves - Jewelry - Kissing - Log cabins - Love triangles - Rivers - Russia: Volga River - Transportation: Carriages - Water - Weapons: Bayonets, Guns, Knives

Listing updated: 3 June 2009.

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