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  Charles Chaplin (center).
Frame enlargement: Silent Era image collection.
A Busy Day
Also known as Madame Charlot in France : [A Militant Suffragette], [Lady Charlie], [Busy As Can Be]
(1914) American
B&W : Split-reel
Directed by Mack Sennett

Cast: Charles Chaplin [the wife], Mack Swain [the husband], Phyllis Allen [the other woman], Billy Gilbert [the policeman], Mack Sennett [the film director], [?] ? [the cameraman]

The Keystone Film Company production; distributed by Mutual Film Corporation. / Produced by Mack Sennett. Scenario by Charles Chaplin. Cinematography by Frank D. Williams. / No copyright registration. Released 7 May 1914; in a split-reel with The Morning Paper (1914). / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / Working title: San Pedro. [?] Completed or shipped? on 18 April 1914. The film was released in Spain on 3 February 1921; and in Finland on 27 May 1922. The film was once thought to be lost, but a 16mm reduction print was recovered in 1970. [?] Website-IMDb credits the film’s direction to Charles Chaplin.


Survival status: Print exists [16mm reduction positive (rerelease version)].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Animals: Horses - Boats - Cameras (Motion picture) - Flags: American - Law: Enforcement: Police: Policemen - Music: Bands - Parades - Transportation: Automobiles - Water

Listing updated: 21 March 2012.

References: Film viewing : Asplund-Chaplin p. ?; Jacobs-Chaplin pp. 30, 31, 135; Lahue-Kops p. 146; Lahue-Mack p. 295; Sloan-Loud pp. 98i, 98j, 104, 146 : Website-IMDb.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  A Busy Day (1914)
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