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The Dixie Flyer
(1926) American
B&W : Six reels / 5274 feet
Directed by Charles J. Hunt

Cast: Cullen Landis [C. V. ‘Sunrise’ Smith], Eva Novak [Rose Rapley / ‘Rose Jones’], Ferdinand Munier [John J. Rapley], John Elliot [Arthur Bedford], A. Richard Rowlands (Art Rowlands) [Tom Bedford], Pat Harmon [chief clerk J.K. Burke], Frank Davis [Mike Clancy], Mary Gordon [Mrs. Clancy]

Trem Carr Productions production; distributed by Rayart Pictures Corporation. / Scenario by H.H. Van Loan, from a screen story by H.H. Van Loan. Cinematography by William Tuers and Joseph Walker. / No copyright registration. Released [?] March or April? 1926. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The film was granted a New York state license on 29 July 1926.


Synopsis: Synopsis available in AFI-F2 n. F2.1368.

Survival status: Print exists [35mm positive].

Current rights holder: (unknown)

Keywords: African-Americans - Alcohol: Drunkeness - Birds: Owls (Artificial) - Bridges: Railroad (Draw) - Chases: Train - Clocks: Watches (Pocket) - Communication: Telegraphs, Telephones - Criminals - Death: Suicide - Deceit - Fainting (False) - Families: Father-daughter relationships, Father-son relationships - Fights: Fist - Games: Cards: Solitaire - Irish (Abroad) - Labor: Foremen, Laborers - Letters: Handwritten, Typewritten - Money: Currency - Offices - Parties - Railroads: Boards of Directors, Crossings, Engines, Executives, Porters, Tracks - Remorse - Rescues - Rope - Scheming - Special effects: Models - Suspense - Tools: Shovels, Wrenches - Transportation: Automobiles, Motorcycles, Trains, Trucks - Water: Rivers - Weapons: Guns: Pistols - Workers: Construction

Listing updated: 26 April 2009.

References: Film credits, film viewing : AFI-F2 n. F2.1368 : ClasIm-240 p. 43.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Dixie Flyer (1926)



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