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The Leonard-Cushing Fight
(1894) American
B&W : [?] 150, 750 or 900? feet
Directed by Enoch Rector

Cast: Michael Leonard [himself], Jack Cushing [himself], [?] ? [referee], [?] ? [four onlookers].

Edison Manufacturing Company production for the Kinetoscope Exhibition Company; distributed by Kinetoscope Exhibition Company. / Cinematography by William Heise. / No copyright registration. Released [?] July or August? 1894. / [?] Kinetoscope 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format or Spherical 35mm 2.33:1 format? / The first KEC production. The production was an actual prize fight shot on 14 June 1894 at the Edison Black Maria studio in West Orange, New Jersey. Six rounds of a truncated 10-round fight. The production was shot on 35mm filmstock at [?] 30 or 48? frames per second in a wideframe format thought to be approximately 2.33:1, and a reel length of 150 feet each. Made with the Edison Kinetograph camera under license of the Edison Company, for use with Edison Kinetoscopes.

Documentary: Sports: Boxing.

Synopsis: [From Edison promotional materials] An actual six-round contest between Mike Leonard, commonly called the “Beau Brummel” of pugilism, and Jack Cushing. Full of hard fighting, clever hits, punches, leads, dodges, body blows and some slugging. Sold by rounds. Each round contains 150 feet. Price each round, 22.50.

Survival status: Prints exist in the Library of Congress film archive (Gordon Hendricks collection) [incomplete 35mm preservation positive, incomplete 35mm viewing positive (incomplete single round, 69 feet, FEC 8106)].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Athletes: Boxers - Sports: Boxing

Listing updated: 25 April 2015.

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Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Leonard-Cushing Fight (1894)
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