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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2016 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
All Rights Reserved.

PSFL Online Media


The following is an index to Progressive Silent Film List listings with embedded code to facillitate online viewing of complete feature films, exerpts from feature films, complete short films, and audio soundtracks directly from PSFL pages.

We do not claim any public performance rights to these films. Most, if not all, of these films are in the public domain. Online access to their content is by courtesy of the hosting service and of the individual poster of the video content. Some third-party videos will also disappear without notice and thus we do not guarantee ongoing online access to third-party videos.


Abwege (1928)
Alice and the Dog Catcher (1924)
Alice in Wonderland (1903)
Alice in Wonderland (1915)
The American Venus (1926)
Ameta (1903)
Les amours de la Reine Elisabeth (1912)
Amy Muller (1896)
Andrew Carnegie (1914)
Animated Hair Cartoon, No. 18 (1925)
Annie Oakley (1894)
April Fool (1924)
Asphalt (1929)
Beatrice Fairfax (1916)
Beyond the Rocks (1922)
Big Stakes (1922)
[Blackmail Sound Test] (1929)
Bliss (1917)
Bombs (1916)
Border River (1919)
The Boxing Cats (1894)
Breezing Along (1927)
Brennan of the Moor (1913)
Bucking Broadway (1917)
Bucking Broncho (1894)
Buffalo Dance (1894)
The Burning Stable (1896)
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
Cajus Julius Caesar (1914)
[Captain Umpteblojowski] (192?)
Carmencita (1894)
Cenerentola (1913)
Chelovek s kinoapparatom (1929)
A Christmas Accident (1912)
Clara Cleans Her Teeth (1926)
Cleopatra (1912)
Cleopatra (1917)
The Colleen Bawn (1911)
Concours d’automobiles fleuries (départ) (1899)
Cook, Papa, Cook (1928)
Coquette (1929)
Crissie Sheridan (1897)
Cymbeline (1913)
Daniel (1921)
[Dickson Experimental Sound Film] (1895)
The Dippy Dentist (1920)
Dough and Dynamite (1914)
The Draw-Back (1927)
Droppington’s Family Tree (1915)
The Drummer of the 8th (1913)
Dynamite Doggie (1925)
The Edison Kinetophone (1913)
Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze (1894)
Ella Cinders (1926)
The Enchanted Drawing (1900)
The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (1895)
Falling Leaves (1912)
Fantômas (1913)
Fast and Furious (1924)
The Fatal Ring (1917)
Feeding the Doves (1896)
Fiddlesticks (1926)
Figures de cire (1914)
The Fitzsimmons-Jeffries Fight (1899)
Flesh and Blood (1922)
For Ireland’s Sake (1914)
The Four Musicians of Bremen (1922)
Frankenstein (1910)
Gans-Herman Fight (1907)
Glorifying the American Girl (1929)
Going! Going! Gone! (1919)
Going to the Fire (1896)
Golf (1922)
The Grab Bag Bride (1917)
The Grate Impeeryul Sirkus (1914)
The Great Train Robbery (1903)
Gussle’s Wayward Path (1915)
Hamlet (1913)
Häxan (1922)
Herald Square (1896)
Her Private Affair (1929)
Hey There (1918)
His First Car (1924)
His Mother (1912)
His Wife’s Mistake (1916)
How Jones Lost His Roll (1905)
Indoor Sports (1921)
Interrupted Love Affair (1896)
The Invaders (1912)
Ireland, a Nation (1914)
The Iron Mask (1929)
Jonah Jones (1924)
Joys and Glooms (1921)
Just a Shabby Doll (1913)

The Kiss (1914)
Ko-Ko’s Earth Control (1928)
The Lad from Old Ireland (1910)
The Last of the Line (1914)
The Leonard-Cushing Fight (1894)
[Le Prince Motion Picture No. 1] (1888)
Der letzte Mann (1924)
The Little Match Seller (1902)
The Locked Door (1929)
The Long Loop on the Pecos (1927)
Looking for Trouble (1919)
The Lost City (1920)
The Lost World (1925)
Luis Martinetti (1894)
Luke’s Movie Muddle (1916)
Making a Stetson (192?)
Mary Jane’s Mishap; or, Don’t Fool with Paraffin (1901)
The Masked Rider (1919)
The May Irwin Kiss (1896)
Mechanical Doll (1922)
The Midlanders (1920)
The Morning Bath; or, Bathing the Baby (1896)
A Movie Trip Through Film Land (1921)
My Boy (1921)
My Official Wife (1914)
[Newark Athlete] (1891)
The Nickel-Hopper (1926)
The Non-Skid Kid (1922)
Not Wanted (1924)
Nursing a Viper (1909)
Old Ironsides (1926)
On the Fire (1919)
Our Modern Maidens (1929)
Out of Place (1922)
Piccadilly (1929)
Plane Crazy (1928)
Post No Bills (1923)
Queen of the Northwoods (1929)
The Rat’s Knuckles (1925)
Rescued by Rover (1905)
Robin Hood (1922)
The Ropin’ Fool (1922)
Rory O’More (1911)
The Salvation Hunters (1925)
A Sammy in Siberia (1919)
Sandow (1894)
Santa Claus (1898)
Sanz y el secreto de su arte (1918)
Scarlet Days (1919)
Shennü (1934)
Shooting the Chutes (1896)
The Sick Kitten (1903)
Silent Heroes (1913)
Sioux Ghost Dance (1894)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1929)
The Skeleton Dance (1929)
Sold at Auction (1923)
Spione (1928)
Staroye i Novoye (1929)
The Struggle (1913)
The Sultan’s Wife (1917)
Summers-Welsh Fight (1909)
Tabu (1931)
Tenderloin at Night (1899)
Ten Dollars or Ten Days (1924)
Le théâtre de petit Bob (1906)
The Thief of Bagdad (1924)
Those Country Kids (1914)
The Tiger’s Trail (1919)
Tilly the Tomboy Visits the Poor (1910)
Too Many Kisses (1925)
Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge (1888)
The Trail of the Octopus (1919)
Trails That Lure (1920)
A Trip Down Market Street (1906)
Turkish Dance, Ella Lola (1898)
Underground (1928)
Undressing Extraordinary (1901)
The Viking (1928)
A Visit to Peek Frean & Co. (1906)
The Wandering Toy (1928)
Way Down East (1920)
West of Zanzibar (1928)
What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City (1901)
Wild Orchids (1929)
Wished on Mabel (1915)
Xiao Wanyi (1933)
X-Rays (1897)
You Remember Ellen (1912)
Zapatas Bande (1914)
Zemlya (1930)

Other video footage on the Silent Era website:

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Other films available for viewing on external websites:
Accuracy First (1928)
Admiral Cigarettes (1897)
Andy’s Stump Speech (1924)
A Bashful Bigamist (1920)
Beverly Hills Board Track Racing (1921)
The Big Show (1926)
Billy and His Pal (1911)
Birth of a Hat (1920)
Blacksmith Scene (1893)
The Breath of a Nation (1919)
Brilliantino the Bullfighter (1922)
By Might of His Right (1915)
Captain Jinks, the Cobbler (1916)
Charming Display at Perfect Back Contest (1928)
China and the Chinese, Part 2 (1917)
How the Cowboy Makes His Lariat (1917)
The Invaders (1912)
The Lonedale Operator (1911)
Ramona (1910)
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