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Cinemonkey 17
Cinemonkey 17
Volume 5, Number 2
Spring 1979
Publication date:
Spring 1979
64 pages
8.5" x 11"
Saddle-stitched white matte-coated book paper
Print run:
1000 copies
Copyright © 1979
by Cinemonkey
(Charles H. Johnson
and D.K. Holm).
All Rights Reserved.

Online version
Copyright © 2001-2018 by Carl Bennett. All Rights Reserved.

This final published issue of Cinemonkey was the last that I completed as art director while still living in Portland, Oregon. It was notable for two important articles by William Cadbury and Theodore Price.

Cover design: Carl Bennett.


By N.O Grace

John Carpenter’s Halloween
By Sean Mercer
Awaiting reprint authorization.

By Charles Schwenk
Awaiting reprint authorization.

The Deer Hunter
By Sid Falko
—Coming soon.

The 3rd Portland International Film Festival
By D.K. Holm (coming soon), Carl Bennett (coming soon), William Cadbury, David Coursen, Pat Holmes, Pietro Ferrua, Garry Hood, Maggie Van Rossum, Russ Island (coming soon), Greg Reese (coming soon), Ken Alakine and N.O. Grace (coming soon)
Other reviews awaiting reprint authorization.

Get Out Your Handgrenades:
A graphic review of Bertrand Blier’s Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

By D.K. Holm and Carl Bennett
—Coming soon.

The Political and Religious Meaning of Antonini’s The Passenger
By Theodore Price
Awaiting reprint authorization.

Semiology, Human Nature, and John Ford:
The Contribution of Depth Psychological and Other Theoretical Resonances to Film Meaning

By William Cadbury
Awaiting reprint authorization.

Interview with Russ Meyer
By Steve Fugett, Pat Holmes and D.K. Holm

Dispatches from Occupied Hollywood: Jerry’s Market
By Jeff Godsil
Awaiting reprint authorization.

. . . And from Europe
By Daniel DePrez
—Coming soon.

Film Reviews
By Carl Bennett, Richard Weholt, Laura Sanden, Daniel DePrez (coming soon), Ken Alakine, Pat Holmes, Russ Island (coming soon), Jake Uhl
Other reviews awaiting reprint authorization.


By Daniel DePrez
—Coming soon.

By Johannes Lucas
—Coming soon.