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Cinemonkey 18-19
Cinemonkey 18-19
Volume 5, Number 3-4
Summer-Fall 1979
Publication date:
Never published
64 pages
8.5" x 11"
Saddle-stitched white copier paper
Print run:
Never printed
Copyright © 1980
by Cinemonkey
(Charles H. Johnson
and D.K. Holm).
All Rights Reserved.

Online version
Copyright © 2001-2018 by Carl Bennett. All Rights Reserved.

This final issue of Cinemonkey was never published. The magazine ran into money problems, and this double issue was intended as a combined number to catch up to our tardy publication schedule.

Pictured above right is one of the few (four are known to exist) copies of the issue, a photocopied proof taken from the original press negatives proofs completed in 1980.

Cover design: Carl Bennett.


Notes: Letter of Resignation
By William S. Pechter
Awaiting reprint authorization.

Hitchcock and the Ethics of Vision: A Metareading
By Leland A. Poague
Awaiting reprint authorization.

Cannes 1979
By Peter Cowie
Awaiting reprint authorization.

Dispatches from Occupied Hollywood: Sarris at Filmex 1979
By Jeff Godsil
Awaiting reprint authorization.

The Innocuous:
A graphic review of Luchino Visconti’s The Innocent

By D.K. Holm and Carl Bennett
—Coming soon.

Film Reviews
By William Cadbury, Maurice Yacowar, Laura Sanden, Pat Holmes, Leonard J. Leff, J.M. Purcell, Charles Schwenk and Russ Island.
Awaiting reprint authorization.


By Daniel DePrez
—Coming soon.

By Johannes Lucas
—Coming soon.