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Scintillation 13
Scintilation 13
Volume 4, Number 2
June 1977
Publication date:
4 August 1977
56 pages
8.5" x 11"
Saddle-stitched white book paper
Print run:
1216 copies
Copyright © 1977, 2001-2018 by Carl Bennett.
All rights revert to author and artist following publication of material.

While the original publication was Copyright © 1977 by Carl Bennett, the magazine was granted first publication rights only and the rights of ownership in the written and illustrated material reverted back to the authors and artists upon publication. We only thought it equitable that the creators should control their creations. Before all of the material can be included in this online representation of the original magazine, we must obtain reprint rights from the writers and artists or their estates.

We are attempting to locate:
Douglas Barbour
Mel Gilden
Steve Brown
Richard Weholt
Ted White

Photo courtesy: 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation. Cover design: Carl Bennett.


The Mushroom Crowd: Part One of an article on Nuclear Energy and Science Fiction
By Richard Weholt
Awaiting reprint authorization.

George Lucas Brings Excitement Back to Your Galaxy
By Carl Bennett

Jonathan Swift Somers III: Cosmic Traveller in a Wheelchair
By Philip José Farmer

A Question of Gender
By Ted White
Awaiting reprint authorization.

Expanding Universe: The SF Critical Bookshelf
By Douglas Barbour
Awaiting reprint authorization.

Dribblings: Editorial
By Carl Bennett

Backtalk: Letters
Letters from Philip Austin, Douglas Barbour and Mel Gilden.
Awaiting reprint authorization.
Letters from Brian Earl Brown and Avedon Carol will not be reprinted.

Book Reviews
By Carl Bennett (coming soon) and Steve Brown
Awaiting reprint authorization.

Paranoid-Critical Statements: Statement Number One
By John Shirley
Short story will not be reprinted, by author’s request.