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A Continuing Exploration of the Life and Death of William Desmond Taylor
By Bruce Long

This mirror site is available on the Silent Era website by permission of Bruce Long.
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William Desmond Taylor

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Press Archive
February 3, 1922

Note: The early press reports contain many factual errors. Some clippings are incomplete, either because the missing portion was duplicated elsewhere or was considered not worth the cost of a another photocopy.

Some clippings have markings, in particular a diagonal line. When the clippings were originally used for research, the diagonal line indicated that the marked material could also be found verbatim in another clipping. Such markings were used to save research time of examining text which was duplicated elsewhere. This practice was eventually stopped.

Some clippings contain ethnic characterizations which are today considered offensive and unacceptable. They are included for historic purposes.


Los Angeles Examiner Item #1, Item #2, Item #3, Item #4, Item #5,
   Item #6, Item #7, Item #8

Los Angeles Times Item #1, Item #2, Item #3, Item #4, Item #5, Item #6,
   Item #7, Item #8, Item #9, Item #10, Item #11

Arizona Republican

Austin American

Baltimore American

Boston Herald

Chicago Herald-Examiner

Chicago Tribune

El Paso Times

Kansas City Times

New York Call

New York Herald

New York Herald (International Edition)

New York Morning Telegraph

New York Daily News

New York Times

Oklahoman Item #1, Item #2

Philadelphia Inquirer

San Francisco Chronicle Item #1, Item #2, Item #3

San Francisco Examiner Item #1, Item #2

St. Paul Pioneer-Press


Los Angeles Express Item #1, Item #2, Item #3, Item #4, Item #5

Los Angeles Herald Item #1, Item #2, Item #3

Los Angeles Record Item #1, Item #2, Item #3, Item #4, Item #5, Item #6,
  Item #7, Item #8, Item #9, Item #10

Alaska Empire

Bellingham Herald

Chicago American

Long Beach Press

Long Beach Telegram Item #1, Item #2, Item #3, Item #4

New Orleans Item

New York Evening World Item #1, Item #2

Oakland Press-Telegram

Pasadena Star-News

Pittsburg Sun

Sacramento Bee

San Francisco Call-Post

San Francisco News

Toledo News-Bee

Wisconsin News Item #1, Item #2, Item #3

William Desmond Taylor

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W.D. Taylor: A Dossier
A Cast of Killers
A Deed of Death
Murder in Hollywood
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Silent Era Home Page  >  Taylorology  >  Press Archive  >  February 3, 1922



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