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Motion picture theaters from the silent era.
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Capitol Theatre  
Address 626 SW 4th Street (modern address)
Opening Night Seating Capacity 850
Original Theater Owner unknown
Original Theater Architect Albert Mercier and Lee Arden Thomas
of Thomas & Mercier
Years of Operation July 1928 through circa 1940s or 1950s
August 1958 through unknown
Type of Musical Accompaniment Kilgen 2/4 theatre pipe organ, style U012, opus 4157
Current Status Demolished

The Capitol Theatre opened in downtown Portland in July 1928.

Portland’s street numbering changed in 1933.

Over the years, the theater declined into vaudeville and second-run house status, then into a strip-tease venue. Rumors have the noted stripper Tempest Storm as having acquired and operated the Capitol as a strip venue. The theater closed sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

Paul Forsythe had been operating the Blue Mouse Theatre since 1940, but lost control of the property in 1958 when the building was sold. At that time, Forsythe acquired the closed Capitol Theatre, renamed it the Blue Mouse Theatre in August 1958 and continued his motion picture business in that venue.

References: Cinema Treasures website; Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society website.


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Silent Era Home Page  >  Theaters  >  United States  >  Oregon  >  Portland  >  Capitol
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