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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2017 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
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Updated 5 March 2015


Spaan, Richard Jr. : Peggy O’Dare : Torrance, California: self-published : 2001 : Spaan-ODare

Film and Video Documentaries

Documentary-Beecher : The Making of The Birth of a Nation (1993-American) : Directed by Robert G. Beecher; written by Russell Merritt

Documentary-Brownlow-C : Unknown Chaplin (1983-British) : Directed by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill : Photoplay Productions

Documentary-Brownlow-K : Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (1987-British) : Directed by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill : Photoplay Productions

Documentary-Cram : The American Experience: Midnight Ramble (1994-American) : Directed by Bestor Cram and Pearl Bowser. : WGBH Educational Foundation and Northern Light Productions

Documentary-Leacock : Lulu in Berlin (1985-American) : Directed by Richard Leacock and Susan Woll

Documentary-Slide : The Silent Feminists: America’s First Women Directors (1993-American) : Directed by Anthony Slide and Jeffrey Goodman

Documentary-Spotton : Buster Keaton Rides Again (1965-Canadian) : Directed by John Spotton

Internet Websites

Website-AFI : American Film Institute website

Website-Betzwood : The Betzwood Film Archive and Film Festival website

Website-BFI : British Film Institute website

Website-Bologna : The Cineteca del Comune di Bologna website

Website-Bray : Bray Animation Project website

Website-Brooks : Louise Brooks Society website

Website-Burkett : The Silent Film Career of Bartine Burkett website

Website-Chaney : The Lon Chaney Page website, edited by Jon C. Mirsalis

Website-Colonial : The Colonial Film website

Website-DFI : The Danish Film Institute website

Website-Essanay : The Essanay Centers website

Website-Filmportal : The website

Website-GEH : International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House website

Website-IMDb : The Internet Movie Database website

Website-InterArchive : The Internet Archive website

Website-IrishFilm : Irish Film & TV Research Online website

Website-IVAC : The CulturArts-IVAC (Filmoteca Generalitat Valenciana) website

Website-Joyce : The Alice Joyce website, edited by Greta DeGroat

Website-Legacy : The Search for a Film Legacy: Mary Pickford (1909-1933) website, edited by Christel Schmidt

Website-Lloyd : Hello, Harold Lloyd website, edited by Annette D’Agostino Lloyd

Website-LoC : The Library of Congress website

Website-London : The London Project website

Website-Lost : Lost Films website

Website-MIAN : The Moving Image Archive News website

Website-MIC : Moving Image Collections database website

Website-Naldi : Nita Naldi Screen Vamp website

Website-NFPF : National Film Preservation Foundation website

Website-NFSA : National Film and Sound Archive, Australia, website

Website-NitrateVille : NitrateVille blog website

Website-Oz : The International Wizard of Oz Club website

Website-Pickford : The Mary Pickford Institute for Film Education website

Website-SerSq : The Serial Squadron website

Website-SilMaj : The Silents Majority website, edited by Diane MacIntyre and Spike Lewis

Website-Talmadge : The Norma Talmadge website, edited by Greta DeGroat

Website-Thanhouser : Thanhouser Company Film Preservation, Incorporated website

Website-TPL : Tacoma Public Library website

Website-UCLA : UCLA Film & Television Archive website

Website-Wikipedia : The Wikipedia website

Website-YoungCK : The Clara Kimball Young website, edited by Greta DeGroat


Other-Maco : Maco poster : Poster on exhibit at the George Eastman Museum in 1992

Other-McCay : Animation Legend: Winsor McCay : liner notes for the laserdisc and DVD home video : Lumivision Corporation : 1993

Other-Trewey : Trewey programme: Replica of programme of exhibited films by Trewey and the Lumiére brothers shown in England, late 1890s, held by the George Eastman Museum

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