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Baseball Films of the Silent Era

Please note that this is a database of information on films produced in the silent era of world cinema. This is not a listing of available exhibition prints or home video products, since we currently do not rent or sell either.

Updated 6 February 2016

Alice in the Big League (1927)
Animated Hair Cartoon, No. 18 (1925)
As the World Rolls On (1921)
Athletics vs. Giants in the World’s Championship Baseball Series of 1911 (1911)
Babe Comes Home (1927)
The Ball Game (1898)
The Ball Player and the Bandit (1912)
Baseball (1908)
Baseball (1913)
Baseball, A Grand Old Game (1914)
Baseball: An Analysis of Motion (1919)
Baseball and Bloomers (1919)
Baseball and Trouble (1914)
Baseball at Mudville (1917)
Baseball Bill (1916)
Baseball Bill — Flirting With Marriage (1916)
The Baseball Bug (1911)
The Baseball Fan (1908)
The Baseball Fans of Fanville (1914)
Baseball and Bloomers (1911)
Baseball Madness (1917)
The Baseball Revue of 1917 (1917)
Baseball’s Peerless Leader (1913)
The Baseball Star from Bingville (1911)
Baseball Stars (1914)
Baseball, That’s All (1910)
The Baseball Umpire (1913)
The Battling Orioles (1924)
Beatrice Fairfax (1916)
Better Times (1919)
The Black Nine (1917)
Bobby Bumps’ World Serious (1917)
Breaking into the Big League (1913)
Bumptious Plays Baseball (1910)
The Busher (1919)
The Bush Leaguer (1917)
The Bush Leaguer (1927)
The Bush Leaguer’s Dream (1913)
Butter Fingers (1925)
The Cameraman (1928)
Casey at the Bat (1899)
Casey at the Bat (1913)
Casey at the Bat (1916)
Casey at the Bat (1922)
Casey at the Bat (1927)
Catch as Catch Can (1927)
Chichi (192?)
Christy Mathewson, N.Y. National League Baseball Team (1907)
Clancy at the Bat (1929)
College (1927)
Col. Heeza Liar At the Bat (1915)
The Fable of the Kid Who Shifted His Ideals to Golf and Finally Became a Baseball Fan and Took the Only Known Cure (1916)
Fast Company (1929)
Felix Saves the Day (1922)
Fighting Hearts (1926)
The Final Close-Up (1919)
Flirting with Marriage (1916)
Game of Base Ball (1903)
Giants vs. Yanks (1923)
The Giants-White Sox Tour (1914)
The Grandee’s Ring (1915)
The Greater Victory (1919)
Hal Chase’s Home Run (1911)
Hazards and Home Runs (1917)
Headin’ Home (1920)
Hearts and Diamonds (1914)
His First Game (1917)

His Last Game (1909)
Hit and Run (1924)
The Hollywood Kid (1924)
Home Run Ambrose (1918)
Home Run Baker’s Double (1914)
Homerun Hawkins (19??)
How Brown Saw the Baseball Game (1907)
How Jimmy Won the Game (1928)
How Jones Saw the Ball Game (1912)
How Jones Saw the Baseball Game (1907)
How the Office Boy Saw the Ball Game (1906)
Kill the Umpire (1916)
Life’s Greatest Game (1924)
Little Sunset (1915)
Love and Baseball (1914)
Love, Dynamite and Baseballs (1916)
Mickey’s Nine (1928)
Muggsy (1919)
National Nuts (1916)
The New Klondike (1926)
[1905 World Series] (1905)
1915 World’s Championship Series (1915)
Oira no yakyû (1930)
One-Man Baseball (1907)
One Touch of Nature (1917)
Out of the West (1926)
Over the Fence (1917)
The Pennant Puzzle (1912)
The Philadelphia Americans vs. the New York Giants (1911)
The Pinch Hitter (1917)
The Pinch Hitter (1925)
Play Ball (1917)
Play Ball (1925)
Play Ball on the Beach (1906)
Play Ball with Babe Ruth (1920)
Right Off the Bat (1915)
Schoolday Love (1929)
The Selig-Tribune, No. 21 (1916)
The Short-Stop's Double (1913)
Shut Out in the 9th (1917)
Slide, Kelly, Slide (1910)
Slide, Kelly, Slide! (1927)
Smith’s Picnic (1926)
Some Tomboy (1924)
Somewhere in Georgia (1916)
Speedy (1928)
Spit-Ball Sadie (1915)
Stepping Fast (1923)
The Stolen Voice (1915)
Strike One (1917)
Taft in Chicago, and at the Ball Game (1909)
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1910)
Trifling with Honor (1923)
The Universal Boy (1914)
The Vanishing American (1925)
The Varmint (1917)
Warming Up (1928)
Willful Ambrose (1915)
The World’s Championship Baseball Series of 1910 (1908)
The World Series Baseball Games — White Sox and Cubs (1906)
World Series Games 1916, Boston vs. Brooklyn (1916)
[World Series 1913] (1913)

Unconfirmed Baseball Films
At the Ball Game (1927)
The Ball Game (1913)
Col. Heeza Liar Wins the Pennant (1916)
Great Ball Game Between the East and West (1910)
Play Ball (1920)
Play Ball (1921)
Snooky’s Homerun (1922)
Spanish Ball Game (1898)

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Indexes  >  Baseball Films of the Silent Era



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