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Stubborn Puppet

Information on the band active from 1980 through the 1990s in Seattle and Philadelphia.

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Rough and Rejected
(Mixes 1981-1983)
Stubborn Puppet
Isotope Seattle CD-R

Stubborn Puppet Recordings
A listing of Stubborn Puppet recordings.

Stubborn Puppet Live Performances: 1980-1987
A chronological listing of live performances and personnel changes.

Stubborn Puppet In Depth
A biographical sketch, of sorts.

Stubborn Puppet Photos
A really small collection of photographs.

Stubborn Puppet Performance Posters
A really small collection of gig posters.


These Stubborn Puppet collections are available on quality CD-R:
Anthology: Demos 1980-1994 [released 2002]
Brave New World (1994) [released 2002]
Odd Projectors (1994) [formerly released in 1984 as Autophobia, released 2002]
Rough and Rejected (Mixes 1981-1983) [released 2010]