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A lifelong affair with recorded music combines with restless listmaking.

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Bill Graham Presents : A listing of live performances at three legendary music venues.

Guitar Gods : Eric Clapton and the lesser deities.

Progressive Rock : Has classical rock morphed into metal prog? A section of bands and trends.

Record Companies : Listings of releases from selected record labels worldwide.

Singles from the 1960s : An exploration of the past.

Woodstock : A compilation of information about the historic music festival that occurred on 15-18 August 1969.



The Accent : The short-lived Yorkshire psychedelic band.

Genesis : The once-mighty progressive rock band, turned Phil Collins backup band.

Harlequin Mass : Information on the late-seventies progressive rock band from Portland, Oregon.

The Hollies : A slightly guilty pleasure.

Mike Pinder : The former keyboardist and composer for The Moody Blues.

Stubborn Puppet : Information on the band active from 1980 through the 1990s in Seattle and Philadelphia.

Yes : Creative ups and downs from the leaders of progressive rock.

Frank Zappa : Love him or hate him, Zappa was an important component in the development of rock music.



Compact Disc Collection : A listing of the collection . . . to assist a failing memory.