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The Man You Loved
to Hate



This documentary, written by historian Richard Koszarski and directed by Patrick Montgomery, on the then often-maligned, now immensely respected film director and actor Erich von Stroheim covers his entire career.

The documentary includes exerpts from many of Stroheim early film appearances as an actor and also his films as director. The documentary includes audio interviews with Erich von Stroheim and cinematographer Hal Mohr, and filmed interviews with film critic Thomas Quinn Curtiss, actor Marcel Dalio, actress Valerie Germonprez (Mrs. Valerie von Stroheim), location scout Harold Henderson, cinematographer Paul Ivano, producer/agent Paul Kohner, attorney I.B. Kornblum, writer Samuel Marx, writer Leonard Spigelgass, actress Denise Vernac, and editor Grant Whytock. — Carl Bennett

Kino on Video
2003 DVD edition

Foolish Wives (1922), black & white, 143 minutes, not rated,
with The Man You Loved to Hate (1979), color and color-toned black & white, 78 minutes, not rated.

Kino International, K247, UPC 7-38329-02472-7.
Full-frame 4:3 NTSC, one single-sided, dual-layered DVD disc, Region 0, 3.5 Mbps average video bit rate, ? kbps audio bit rate, Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo sound, no foreign language subtitles, chapter stops, standard DVD keepcase, $29.95.
DVD release date: 10 June 2003.
Country of origin: USA

Ratings (1-10): video: 6 / audio: 5 / additional content: 7 / overall: 6.

The Killiam Shows print of this documentary (which appears to be 16mm) is very good, but it is flecked with dust and speckling, and is slightly scratched and sports a very small number of splices. The analog video transfer (which appears to be decades old) has many of the characteristics of analog, with horizontal smears across white highlights and video noise in the flat middle graytones. The historical footage is comprised of 35mm and 16mm reduction prints of motion pictures sequences, and is supported by production stills and portraits.

Overall, other documentaries look better, but we suspect that this one was produced for release in 16mm prints and probably looks as good here as it ever will. We recommend this edition of this portrait of cinema’s most-maligned filmmakers.

USA: Click the logomark to purchase this Region 0 NTSC DVD edition from Your purchase supports the Silent Era website.
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This Region 0 NTSC DVD edition is also available directly from KINO LORBER.
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Silent Era Home Page  >  Home Video  >  The Man You Loved to Hate
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