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Kleine Optical Company  
Type of Company Distribution company
Country of Origination United States of America
Years of Operation Active 1901 through circa 1911
Company Principals George Kleine
Company Offices 52 State Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA (circa 1901 through circa 1908);
127 West 32nd Street, New York, New York, USA (circa 1907);
662 Sixth Avenue, New York, New York, USA (circa 1908)
Branch Offices 2008 Third Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama, USA (circa 1908);
687 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (circa 1908);
Boston Building, Denver, Colorado, USA (circa 1908);
Commercial Building, Des Moines, Iowa, USA (circa 1908);
Traction Building, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (circa 1908);
823-824 Commercial Building, 5th and Oliver Streets, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (circa 1908);
Mehlborn Building, Seattle, Washington, USA (circa 1908);
La Patrie Building, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (circa 1908);
Stockton Building, 94 Prince William Street, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada (circa 1908);
12 Canada Life Building, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada (circa 1908)

Kleine Optical Company was an importer and American distributor of Gaumont and Urban Eclipse films, along with other British, French and Italian film productions. Kleine Optical was a codistributor of Edison and Bioscope films in America (circa 1903-1905).

References: Menefee-Bernhardt p. 91 : MovPicWorld-19070309 p. 13; MovPicWorld-19080704 p. 10.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Companies  >  K  >  Kleine Optical Company



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