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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2018 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
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‘W’ Companies

Wah Ming Motion Picture Company
Waldorf Film Corporation
Waldorf Pictures
Waldorf Productions
Walgreene Film Corporation
Walter Daw & Sons, Limited
Walter DeCourcy Productions
Walter D. Welford
Walter Haggar
Walter Tyler, Limited
Walturdaw Company
Ward Lascelle Productions
Wardour Films, Limited
Wark Producing Corporation
Warner Brothers Pictures, Incorporated
Warner Feature Film Company
Warner’s Features, Incorporated
Warwick Trading Company
Washington Motion Picture Corporation
Waybroad Film Company
W.B.M. Photoplays
Weiss Brothers-Artclass Pictures Corporation
Welsh-Pearson Company
West Coast Films
West Coast Studios, Coronado
Western Feature Productions, Incorporated
Western Film Exchange of New York
Western Import Company of London
Western Pictures Exploitation Company
Western Star Productions
West’s Pictures
Wharton, Incorporated
Whitman Bennett Productions
W.H. Clifford Photoplay Company of California
W.H. Productions Company
Wick War Film Corporation
Wid Gunning, Incorporated
Wild West Productions
Willat Productions
Will Barker Film Company
Will Day Kinutilities
William A. Brady Picture Plays, Incorporated
William B. Brush Productions
William Christy Cabanne Producing Company
William C. Sherrill Feature Corporation
William Fox Vaudeville Company
William Russell Productions
The William S. Hart Company
William S. Hart Productions, Incorporated
Williamson Films
William Steiner Productions
Windsor Film Company
Winkler Pictures, Incorporated
The Winthrop Press
Wizard Film Company
W.M. Smith Productions
The W.N. Selig Company
Woolf & Freedman Film Service, Limited
Worchester Film Corporation
World Film Corporation
World Film Manufacturing Company
World Special Films Corporation
Worthwhile Pictures Corporation
W.T. Gaskell
W.W. Hodkinson Corporation
See also:
Warwick, Robert  >  Robert Warwick Film Corporation
Weaver, H.C.  >  H.C. Weaver Productions, Incorporated
Weber, Lawrence  >  Lawrence Weber Photo Dramas, Incorporated
Weber, Lois  >  Lois Weber Productions
Welford, Walter D.  >  Walter D. Welford
West, Roland  >  Roland West Films
Wharton, Leopold D.  >  Wharton, Incorporated
Wharton, Theodore W.  >  Wharton, Incorporated
White, Jack  >  Jack White Productions
Wiberg, Frans  >  Frans Wiberg
Wiley, George H.  >  George H. Wiley, Incorporated
Williamson, J.C.  >  J.C. Williamson, Limited
Wilson, Ben  >  Ben Wilson Productions
Winkler, M.J.  >  M.J. Winkler and Winkler Pictures, Incorporated
Wolff, Philipp  >  Philipp Wolff
Woods  >  A.H. Woods
Worne, Duke  >  Duke Worne Productions
Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Companies  >  W



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