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  Lil Dagover (left) and Friedrich Fehér (right).
Photograph: Silent Era image collection.
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari
(The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)
Also known as O Gabinete do Dr. Caligari in Brazil and Portugal; Kabinet doktora Caligariho in the Czech Republic; Dr. Caligaris kabinet in Denmark; Tri Caligarin kabinetti and Tohtori Caligarin kabinetti in Finland; Le cabinet du docteur Caligari in France; To ergastiri tou Dr. Caligari in Greece; Il gabinetto del dottor Caligari in Italy; Gabinet doktora Caligari in Poland; El gabinete del Dr. Caligari and El gabinet del doctor Caligari in Spain; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in the USA and the United Kingdom : {Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari}
(1920) German
B&W : [?] Five or Six? reels / [?] 4682 feet or 1703 metres?
Directed by Robert Wiene

Cast: Werner Krauß (Werner Krauss) [Doktor Caligari], Conrad Veidt [Cesare], Friedrich Fehér [Franzis], Lil Dagover [Jane Olsen], Hans Heinz von Twardowski [Alan], Rudolf Lettinger [Doktor Olsen]; Elsa Wagner [the landlady], Rudolf Klein-Rogge [a criminal], Ludwig Rex [a murderer], Hans Lanser-Rudolf, Henri Peters-Arnolds

Decla Film-Ges Holz & Company production. / Produced by Erich Pommer and Rudolf Meinert. Scenario by Carl Mayer and Hans Janowitz, from a screen story by Hans Janowitz. Production design by Hermann Warm, Walther Reimann and Walter Röhrig. Costume design by Walther Reimann. Assistant director, Rochus Gliese. Stunts by Harry Froboess. Cinematography by Willy Hameister [?] + Karl Freund? Music score composed and arranged by Giuseppe Becce. / Premiered January 1920 in Berlin, Germany. Released [?] 26 or 27? February 1920. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The production was shot at the Lixie-Atelier studio, Weißensee, Berlin, Germany. Dagover’s film debut. The film originally had intertitles shot in an angular style to be consistent with the angles in the film’s sets. The film was released in Poland as Gabinet doktora Caligari by Sfinks in 1920. The film was released in Sweden on 21 February 1921. The film was released in the USA by Goldwyn Distributing Corporation on 19 March 1921. The film was released in Japan on 14 May 1921. The film was released in Mexico on 8 December 1921. The film was released in Finland by Suomen Biografi Osakeytiö on 30 January 1922. The film was released in France as Le cabinet du docteur Caligari on 15 March 1922.

Drama: Horror.

Survival status: Print exists [35mm positive].

Current rights holder: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung [Germany] : Public domain [USA release version].

Keywords: Expressionism - Hypnotism - Insane asylums - Insanity

Listing updated: 28 September 2013.

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Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (1920)
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