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The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight
(1897) American
B&W : Short film
Directed by Enoch J. Rector

Cast: James J. Corbett [himself], Robert Fitzsimmons [himself]

The Veriscope Company production; distributed by [?] The Veriscope Company? / Premiered 22 May 1897 at the Academy of Music in New York, New York. / Veriscope 63mm spherical 1.65:1 format. / The production was shot 17 March 1897 in Carson City, Nevada. Perhaps the first true wide-screen footage to be publicly shown. Rector photographed the Corbett-Fitzsimmons boxing match with three cameras at a 1.65:1 ratio on 63mm film manufactured by the Eastman Company. Approximately 11,000 of film was exposed during the fight. The first Veriscope Company production. Shipman-Cinema p. 16 incorrectly identifies frame enlargements on page 17 as being from this film and incorrectly lists Fitzsimmons’ name.

Documentary: Sports: Boxing match.

Survival status: Print exists.

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Athletes: Boxers - Audiences - Boxing rings - Crowds - Sports: Boxing - USA: Nevada: Carson City

Listing updated: 16 September 2007.

References: Blum-Silent p. 8; Everson-American p. 367; Fell-History p. 20; Musser-Emerge pp. 197, 202, 203, 223, 225, 600; Ramsaye-Million pp. 281-282, 286, 286a, 287; Robinson-Palace pp. 82, 83; Shipman-Cinema p. 16: FilmHistory-3-3 p. 252.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight (1897)
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