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The Cruise of the Jasper B.
(1926) American
B&W : Six reels / 5780 feet
Directed by James W. Horne

Cast: Rod La Rocque [J. Clement ‘Jerry’ Cleggett], Mildred Harris [Agatha Fairhaven], Jack Ackroyd [Wiggins], Snitz Edwards [Reginald Maltravers], Otto Lederer [the auctioneer], James Mack [the assistant auctioneer]

DeMille Pictures Corporation production; distributed by Producers Distributing Corporation. / Scenario by Zelda Sears and Tay Garnett, from the novel The Cruise of the Jasper B. by Don Marquis. Production supervised by William Sistrom. Unit manager, E.O. Van Pelt. Art direction by John Hughes. Assistant director, Arthur Flaven. Script assistant, Reine Serviss. Cinematography by Lucien Andriot. Intertitles by John Krafft. Film cutter [?] edited by? Jack Dennis. / © 7 December 1926 by Cinema Corporation of America [LP23406]. Released 13 December 1926. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format.

Comedy: Adventure.

Survival status: Print exists in the film holdings of Cohen Media Group (Raymond Rohauer collection) [35mm positive].

Current rights holder: (unknown)

Listing updated: 24 September 2013.

References: Brownlow-Parade p. 491; Everson-American p. 310g : ClasIm-224 p. 53 : Website-AFI.

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Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Cruise of the Jasper B. (1926)



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