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The Diplomats
(1929) American
B&W : Two reels / 26 minutes
Directed by Norman Taurog

Cast: Bobby Clark, Paul McCullough, Marguerite Churchill, Andrés de Seguroia, Cissy Fitzgerald, John St. Polis, John Baston, André Cheron, Joe Marba (Joe Smith Marba)

Fox Film Corporation production; distributed by Fox Film Corporation. / Screenplay by Arthur Caesar, Bobby Clark and Paul McCullough, from a screen story by Arthur Caesar, Bobby Clark and Paul McCullough. / Released 2 January 1929. / Movietone 35mm spherical 1.20:1 format. Western Electric Movietone sound-on-film sound system. / Full-sound film.


Reviews: [From a contemporary review] The Diplomats are Clark and McCullough in a Fox two-reel talking comedy. Aboard an ocean liner bound for furrin parts, these two funny fellers become involved in a political situation having to do with one of those mythical kingdoms. There is a beautiful Princess-in-distress played by Margaret Churchill, a new and very personable Fox find. There is a Menace played by Andre Siguerola with a hefty beard and his usual suavity. And there is a Grand Duchess capered through by Cissy Fitzgerald, who is too grand for words. Clark twirls his agitated cigar and wisecracks his way into the secret service of the little kingdom. His curious and censorable mission is to extract a political document from the very grand bosom of the Grand Duchess. In order to achieve this scoop, Clark makes overtures to the G.D., during which process he dances the Brooklyn Shake with her. You’ll shake when you see that bit if you have any reflex action. It’s a riot. He likewise induces her to shinny a chandelier and other gymnastic feats. The coy Grand Duchess thinks she is reducing. She is amorous and skittish. She does reduce, by one document. The Kingdom is saved.

Survival status: The film is presumed lost.

Current rights holder: (unknown)

Keywords: Synchronized sound film

Listing updated: 1 July 2012.

References: Blum-Talkies p. ?; MoPicAlmanac-1929 p. 10 : Website-IMDb.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Diplomats (1929)
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