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  Paul Wegener.
Photograph: Silent Era image collection.
Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam
(The Golem, How He Came into the World)
Also known as The Golem in Canada, in the United Kingdom and in the USA
(1920) German
B&W : 1922 metres
Directed by Paul Wegener + [Carl Boese]

Cast: Paul Wegener [the golem], Albert Steinrück [Rabbi Löw], Lyda Salmonova [Miriam, Rabbi Löws tochter (daughter)], Ernst Deutsch [Pamulus, the rabbi’s assistant], Hanns Sturm [Rabbi Jehuda], Otto Gebühr [the Emperor Kaiser Rudolf II], Lothar Müthel [Graf Florian], Max Kronert [temple beadle], Dore Paetzold [the emperor’s mistress], Loni Nest [Kleines Mädchen, the little girl], Greta Schröder [the maiden with a rose]

Projektions Aktiengesellschaft Union-Film [PAGU] production; distributed by Universum-Film Aktiengesellschaft [UFA]. / Produced by Paul Davidson. Scenario by Paul Wegener + [Henrik Galeen], from the novel Der Golem by Gustav Meyrink. Art direction by Kurt Richter. Set design by Hans Poelzig. Costume design by Rochus Gliese. Cinematography by Karl Freund. Camera assistant, Robert Baberske. Music score by Hans Landsberger. / Premiered 29 October 1920 at the UFA-Palast am Zoo in Berlin, Germany. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The production was shot May-June 1920 at UFA-Freigelände Berlin-Tempelhof and UFA-Union Atelier Berlin-Tempelhof. The film was rereleased in Germany at 1764 metres in 1931.

Drama: Historical-Gothic horror.

Survival status: Prints exist in the Museum of Modern Art film archive [35mm nitrate positive, German edition]; in the Gosfilmofond film archive [35mm positive]; in the Munich Filmmuseum film archive [35mm positive]; in the George Eastman Museum film archive [35mm positive]; and in the Cineteca Italiana film archive [35mm color-tinted positive].

Current rights holder: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung.

Keywords: Children - Gothic - Horror - Jews

Listing updated: 28 September 2013.

References: Film credits, film viewing : Aylesworth-Monsters pp. 42, 44, 143; Bardèche-History pp. 190, 191; Bohn-Light pp. xxi, 122, 123-124, 160; Lahue-Collecting pp. 35, 36; Limbacher-Feature p. 96; Manchel-Terrors pp. 25, 33, 64, 75; Marrero-Vintage pp. 5, 10, 11, 25, 157; Nollen-Karloff pp. 48, 86 : Website-Filmportal; Website-GEM.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920)
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