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The Hope Diamond Mystery
Also known as The Romance of the Hope Diamond
(1921) American
B&W : Serial / 15 episodes
Directed by Stuart Paton

Cast: Grace Darmond [Mary Hilton / Bibi], George Chesebro [John Gregge / John Baptiste Tavanier], Harry Carter [Sidney Atherton, also known as Nang Fu] [?] [and/or Ghung]?, William Marion [James Marcon / Bagi], Boris Karloff [Dakar; and the priest of Kama-Sita], Carmen Phillips [Wanda Atherton / Miza], William Buckley [?] [Reginald Travers or Putnam Bradley Stone]?, May Yohe [Lady Francis Hope], Frank Seka (Frank M. Seki) [Saki, one of Atherton’s henchmen], Harry Archer [Johnson, one of Atherton’s henchmen], Captain C. Clayton (Captain Arthur Clayton) [Lord Francis Hale], Ethel Shannon [Lady Francis Hale]

Kosmik Films, Incorporated, production; distributed on State Rights basis. / Screen adaptation (scenario) by Charles Goddard (Charles W. Goddard) and John B. Clymer, from the life story by May Yohe. Personal supervision (production supervision) by L.C. Wheeler. Photography (cinematography) by William Thornley. / 15 episodes: [1] “The Hope Diamond Mystery,” released 19 February 1921; [2] “The Vanishing Hand”; [3] “The Forged Note”; [4] “The Jewel of Sita”; [5] “A Virgin’s Love”; [6] “The House of Terror”; [7] “Flames of Despair”; [8] “Yellow Whisperings”; [9] “The Evil Eye”; [10] “In the Spider’s Web”; [11] “The Cup of Fear”; [12] “The Ring of Death”; [13] “The Lash of Hate”; [14] “Primitive Passions”; [15] “An Island of Destiny.” / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format.


Survival status: Print exists in the Library of Congress film archive.

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Crime: Murder (Attempted), Theft - Criminals - Death: Murder - Domestics: Butlers - Handwriting - Hats: Top hats, Turbans - Hindus - Hotels: Detectives - Jewelry: Diamonds - Law: Enforcement: Police: Policemen - Letters - Mailboxes - Restaurants - Serials - Telephones: Switchboards - Transportation: Automobiles - Weapons: Guns - Wigs

Listing updated: 29 March 2015.

References: Film credits, film viewing : Lahue-Continued p. 221, 285; Nollen-Karloff pp. 31, 351 : Website-IMDb; Website-SerSq.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Hope Diamond Mystery (1921)
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