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The Little Minister
(1921) American
B&W : Six reels / 6031 feet
Directed by Penrhyn Stanlaws

Cast: Betty Compson [Babbie], George Hackathorne [Gavin], Edwin Stevens [Lord Rintoul], Nigel Barrie [Captain Halliwell], Will R. Walling [Doctor McQueen], Guy Oliver [Thomas Whammond], Fred Huntly [Peter Tosh], Robert Brower [Hendry Munn], Joseph Hazelton [John Spens], Mary Wilkinson [Nanny Webster]

Famous Players-Lasky Corporation production; distributed by Paramount Pictures Corporation. / Scenario by Edfrid Bingham, from the play adaptation The Little Minister by James M. Barrie of the novel The Little Minister by James M. Barrie. Cinematography by Paul Perry. Presented by Adolph Zukor. / © 21 December 1921 by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation [LP17404]. Released 25 December 1921. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The novel was previously filmed as The Little Minister (1913). The novel was subsequently filmed as The Little Minister (1922).


Synopsis: [Moving Picture World, 7 January 1922, page 112] When the weavers of Thrums, enraged by a reduction in prices for their products, rise against the manufacturers, Gavin, ‘the little minister’ intervenes with the constables in their behalf. Babbie, a supposed Gypsy girl, is suspected of having notified the rioters that the police were coming so they might be prepared to fight, and a price is placed on her capture. But when Gavin questions her, her beauty and appeal charms him and he aids her to escape. A romance between the pair impends, much to the dislike of the elders of the Scotch kirk and Gavin is about to be defrocked when the Gypsy girl is brought into the meeting and discloses that she is in reality Lady Barbara, daughter of Lord Rintoul, the baron-magistrate of the district. In aiding the girl to escape Gavin had told the constables she was his wife, which in Scotland constitutes legal marriage if admittance is made before witnesses.

Survival status: (unknown)

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Scotland

Listing updated: 23 February 2009.

References: Drew-Speaking p. 121; Jewell-RKO p. 79; Sweeney-Coming p. 34 : Photoplay-192306 p. 10 : Website-AFI.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Little Minister (1921)



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