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  Jean Angelo.
Photograph: Silent Era image collection.
Also known as Le Comte de Monte-Cristo in France; The Count of Monte-Cristo in the USA
(1929) French
B&W : 24 reels
Directed by Henri Fescourt

Cast: Jean Angelo [Edmund Dantès], Lil Dagover [Mercédès], Gaston Modot [Fernand de Morcerf], Marie Glory [Valentine de Villefort], Jean Toulout [Monsieur de Villefort], Michèle Verly [Julie Morel], Pierre Batcheff [Albert de Morcerf], Tamara Stezenko [Haydée], François Rozet [Maximilien Morel], Germaine Kerjean [la Carconte], Henri Debain [Caderousse], Robert Mérin [Andréa Cavalcanti], Ernest Maupain [Monsieur Morel], Bernhard Goetzke [Abbé Faria], Armand Pouget [Dantès Sr.], Jack Taylor [Ali], Tina Meller [Catalan dancer], Diane Farreze [the governess], Jean Godard [the diamond merchant]

Films Louis Nalpas production. / Produced by Louis Nalpas. Scenario by Henri Fescourt, from the novel Le Comte de Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo) by Alexandre Dumas (père) and Auguste Maquet. Art direction by Louis Bertin-Moreau. Set design by Boris Bilinsky. Costume design by Boris Bilinsky. Cinematography by Julien Ringel, Henri Barreyre and Goesta Kottula. Special visual effects by Paul Minine and Nicolas Wilcke. Edited by Jean-Louis Bouquet. / Released 25 October 1929 [part one] and 1 November 1929 [part two]. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The film was released in two parts. The Czech release version was restored by the Czech Film Archives and premiered on 5 September 1993. A restoration of the French release version of the film (at 5230 metres) was produced by ZZ Productions, Paris, France, with a new orchestral music score composed and conducted by Marc-Olivier Dupin, and was broadcast on ARTE television on 23 and 24 September 2006. / Silent film.

Drama: Historical.

Survival status: Prints exist [35mm positives]; and in private film collections [abridged Pathéscope 9.5mm reduction positives].

Current rights holder: (unknown)

Listing updated: 8 August 2011.

References: Website-IMDb : with additional information provided by Lenny Borger.

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