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The Noose
(1928) American
B&W : Eight reels / 7331 feet
Directed by John Francis Dillon

Cast: Richard Barthelmess [Nickie Elkins], Montagu Love [Buck Gordon], Robert E. O’Connor [Jim Conley], Jay Eaton [Tommy], Lina Basquette [Dot], Thelma Todd [Phyllis], Ed Brady [Seth McMillan], Fred Warren [Dave], Charles Giblyn [Bill Chase], Alice Joyce [Mrs. Bancroft], William Walling [the warden], Robert T. Haines [the governor], Ernest Hilliard [Craig], Emile Chautard [the priest], Romaine Fielding [the judge], Yola d’Avril [a cabaret girl], Corliss Palmer [a cabaret girl], Kay English [a cabaret girl], Janice Peters [a cabaret girl], Cecil Brunner [a cabaret girl], Ruth Lord [a cabaret girl], May Atwood [a cabaret girl]

First National Pictures, Incorporated, production; distributed by First National Pictures, Incorporated. / Produced by Henry Hobart. Scenario by H.H. Van Loan and Willard Mack, with continuity by James T. O’Donohoe, from the adaptation by James T. O’Donohoe of the play The Noose by H.H. Van Loan and Willard Mack. Cinematography by James C. Van Trees. Intertitles by Garrett Graham. Edited by Jack Dennis. Presented by Richard A. Rowland. / © 4 January 1928 by First National Pictures, Incorporated [LP24832]. Released 29 January 1928. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The play was subsequently filmed as I’d Give My Life (1936). / Silent film.


Survival status: Print exists in the Museum of Modern Art film archive.

Current rights holder: (unknown)

Keywords: Prisons

Listing updated: 5 September 2014.

References: Edmonds-Todd p. 268; Katchmer-Eighty pp. 17, 22; Lahue-Gentlemen p. 32; MoPicAlmanac-1929 p. 11 : Website-AFI : with additional information provided by Pete Jones.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Noose (1928)



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