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Parisian Love
(1925) American
B&W : Seven reels / 6324 feet
Directed by Gasnier (Louis J. Gasnier)

Cast: Clara Bow [Marie], Donald Keith [Armand], Lou Tellegen [Pierre Marcel], Lillian Leighton [La Frouchard], James Gordon Russell (J. Gordon Russell) [D’Avril], Hazel Keener [Margot], Jean De Briac [the knifer], Otto Matiesen [the Apache leader], Alyce Mills [Jean D’Arcy]

B.P. Schulberg Productions production; distributed [?] on State Rights basis? / Produced by B.P. Schulberg. Scenario by Lois Hutchinson, from a screen story by F. Oakley Crawford. Cinematography by Allen Siegler. / Released [?] 1 or 16? August 1925. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format.

Drama: Romance.

Synopsis: Marie and Armand are Apache criminals in a rough district of Paris. They and another thug target rich scientist Pierre Marcel for a midnight robbery. But the third man is killed after Armand stops him from murdering Marcel during the botched robbery. Already wounded, Armand succombs to blood poisoning and is nursed by Marcel after he discovers that Armand was a former student of his at university. During a Marcel party, Marie replaces the regular maid to gain entry to the house and Armand. Hiding in Armand’s room, Marie watches as Marcel introduces Armand to eager Jeanne, intending to help him forget his criminal past. Armand is soon healthy and is keeping company with Marcel and Jeanne. Marcel makes it known that he is imposing on Armand a six month forced stay — a sentence. Armand accepts the confinement on the condition that he may be allowed to go where he wants for one hour. Armand goes to coarse La Frouchard’s flat where Marie has been raised as an orphan to discover that she has left there for good. Marie intends to do harm to Marcel for plucking Armand from her life. Posing as an acquaintance of a dead friend of Marcel’s, Marie and a disguised La Frouchard gain welcome entry to Marcel’s home while Armand is in London marketing a burglar alarm of his own design. Marie soon reveals her plan to the Apache gang: she will marry Marcel and strip him of all his wealth. Soon Marcel is actively pursuing Marie and a marriage quickly follows. In an act of remorseful confession, La Frouchard reveals to Marcel that Marie was actually stolen at birth from a high-borne family and not the orphan that she thinks she is. Marie intends to keep her distance from Marcel for Armand. She reveals to Marcel her truth of revenge. Meanwhile, Armand has just arrived from London and she flies to his arms. Outside, the Apaches are creeping about looking for their own revenge on Marie for her supposed betrayal of them. She is shot through a window. Receiving her kiss from Armand she passes out in his arms as a crushed Marcel looks on. However, she is attended by a doctor in time to save her life. The next day, Marcel arranges an annullment and travels to America in Armand’s stead. The couple are together again and will presumably live a happy life of leisure from the proceeds of the alarm syndicate.

Survival status: Print exists in the UCLA Film & Television Archive film archive [35mm duplicate preservation positive].

Current rights holder: (unknown)

Keywords: Apaches - France: Paris

Listing updated: 26 April 2009.

References: Film credits, film viewing : FilmYearBook-1926 p. 49; Weaver-Twenty p. 56 : Website-AFI; Website-IMDb.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Parisian Love (1925)
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