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(1916) American
B&W : [?] 10-14? reels
Directed by Donald Crisp

Cast: Adda Gleason [Ramona], Mabel Van Buren [Ramona, in the prologue], Anna Lehr [Ramona, as a child], Monroe Salisbury [Alessandro Assis], N. de Brulier (Nigel de Brulier) [Felipe Moreno], Richard Sterling [Angus Phail], Princess Red Wing [Mrs. Phail], Lurline Lyons [Señora Moreno], Alice Morton Otten [Starlight], James Needham (Donald Crisp) [Jim Moreno], Mrs. H. Davenport [Marda], E. Valencia [Juan Canito], H.M. Best [Father Salvierderra], Arthur Tavares [Lieutenant Francis Ortegna], Victor Vallejo, Beatrice Burnham, Mrs. Gordon, J. Wesley Warner, Chief Standing Bear, Inez Gomez, Rosa Dray, J.L. Franck, Hubert Whitehead

Clune Film Producing Company production; distributed on State Rights basis. / Produced by W.H. Clune. From the novel Ramona: A Story by Helen Hunt Jackson. Production supervision by Lloyd Brown. Art direction by John K. Holden. Cinematography by Enrico Vallejo and Bert Glennon. Music score selected by Lloyd Brown and arranged by Emil Bierman. / © 3 April 1916 by W.H. Clune [LU7994]. Premiered 7 February 1916 at Clune’s Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Released February 1916. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / Several different release lengths seems to have been available to exhibitors.

Drama: Historical.

Synopsis: Synopsis available in AFI-F1 n. F1.3636.

Survival status: The film is presumed lost : Fragmentary print exists in the Library of Congress film archive [35mm positive (reel 5 only)].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Crime: Murder - Death: Murder - Halfcastes - Native Americans - Racial prejudice - Scots - USA: California

Listing updated: 6 October 2009.

References: AFI-F1 n. F1.3636 : ClasIm-240 p. 45 : with additional information supplied by Scott Simmon.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Ramona (1916)



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