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The Teaser
Also known as Miss Flirt in France; Amores de Anita in Portugal; Amores de niña in Spain
(1925) American
B&W : Seven reels / 6800 feet
Directed by William A. Seiter

Cast: Laura La Plante [Ann Barton], Pat O’Malley [James McDonald], Hedda Hopper [Margaret Wyndham], Walter McGrail [Roderick Caswell], Byron Munson [Perry Grayle], Vivian Oakland (Vivien Oakland) [Lois Caswell], Wyndham Standing [Jeffry Loring], Margaret Quimby [Janet Comstock], Frank Finch Smiles [Jenkins], [?] Janet Gaynor?

Universal Pictures Corporation production; distributed by Universal Pictures Corporation [Universal-Jewel]. / Scenario by Edward T. Lowe Jr., from the adaptation by Lewis Milestone of the play The Teaser by Martha M. Stanley and Adelaide Matthews. Art direction by Leo E. Kuter (Leo K. Kuter). Cinematography by George Barnes. / © 2 June 1925 by Universal Pictures Corporation [LP21532]. Premiered circa 14 June 1925 in New York, New York. Released [?] 24 May or 6 September? 1925. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The film was released in the United Kingdom by European Motion Picture Company on 1 February 1926. The film was released in Portugal as Amores de Anita on 28 May 1928.


Survival status: (unknown)

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Listing updated: 17 September 2017.

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Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Teaser (1925)



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