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Weary River
Also known as El príncipe de la melodia in Argentina; Das Lied des Sträflings in Austria; Regeneração in Brazil; Le torrent fatal in France; O moiraios heimarros in Greece; Il fiume stanco in Italy
(1929) American
B&W : Eight reels / 7978 feet / 86 minutes
Directed by Frank Lloyd

Cast: Richard Barthelmess [Jerry Larrabee], Betty Compson [Alice Gray], William Holden [the prison warden], Louis Natheaux [Spadoni], George Stone (George E. Stone) [Blackie], Raymond Turner (Ray Turner) [the elevator boy], Gladden James [Jerry’s manager], Ernie Adams [the ex-con in the alley], Brooks Benedict [Jerry’s guest], Ruth Cherrington [the actress backstage who locks her door], James Conaty [the attorney at trial], Richard Cramer [the prison radio announcer], Edwards Davis [the prison chaplain], Sally Eilers [the hat check girl], Jim Farley [the plain-clothes man with the sergeant], Sherry Hall [the prison telephone operator], Chuck Hamilton [the prison photographer], Pat Harmon [the bartender], Ernest Hilliard [the literary club host], Bob Kortman [a prison guard], Louis Mercier [a friend at Barney’s], Robert Emmett O’Connor [the police sergeant], Virginia Sale [the noisy lady in audience], Randolph Scott [an audience member], Harry Semels [the telephone informer; a friend at Barney’s], Charles Sullivan [a friend at Barney’s], Blue Washington [the prisoner in the bathtub]

First National Pictures, Incorporated, production; distributed by First National Pictures, Incorporated [A First National-Vitaphone Picture]. / Produced by Frank Lloyd. Scenario by Bradley King, with dialogue by Thomas J. Geraghty, from a screen story by Courtney Riley Cooper. Art direction by John J. Hughes (John Hughes). Set decoration by Ray Moyer. Costume director, Max Ree (Max Rée). Cinematography by Ernie Haller (Ernest Haller). Special cinematography by Alvin Knechtel. Intertitles by Paul Perez. Music score by Louis Silvers. Edited by James Gibbon and Edward Schroeder. Presented by Richard A. Rowland. / © 14 March 1929 by First National Pictures, Incorporated [LP229]. Released 10 February 1929. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. Western Electric Vitaphone sound-on-disc sound system. / Vitaphone production reels 3031-3029. The film was also released in the USA in a silent version (in 7565 feet) by First National Pictures, Incorporated, on 7 April 1929. The film was released in Argentina on 30 June 1929. The film was released in France on 23 August 1929. The film was released in Slovenia on 19 July 1930. / Silent film, with talking sequences, synchronized music and sound effects.

Drama: Romance.

Survival status: Print exists.

Current rights holder: (unknown)

Keywords: Synchronized sound film

Listing updated: 4 October 2014.

References: Bohn-Light p. 186; Katchmer-Eighty p. 22; Vermilye-Twenties p. 235 : Website-IMDb.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Weary River (1929)



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