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When Women Vote
(1907) American
B&W : 700 feet
Directed by (unknown)

Cast: (unknown)

Lubin Manufacturing Company production; distributed by Lubin Manufacturing Company. / © 25 March 1907 by Siegmund Lubin [H91921]. Released 15 June 1907. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format.


Synopsis: [From Lubin promotional materials] While Mrs. O’Brien is preparing her speech for the political meeting, Mr. O’Brien minds the Baby. Mrs. O’Brien is ready to go out. The hen-pecked husband shines her shoes, brushes her coat and out she goes to attend the Woman’s suffrage meeting. Mrs. O’Brien delivers her fiery speech, often interrupted by wild cheers and applause. Resolved: To Vote for Mrs. O’Brien for magistrate. The women vote. Women police control the beat. Every man who dares to vote is arrested. Many women voters are seen fighting but are quickly arrested by the fair police. The battle is over. Crowds are seen on the street watching the election returns. Bets are made. Cheers for the Republicans. Cheers for the Democrats. Women fight. The Police women have their hands full. Republican paraders are coming from the east, Democratic paraders from the west. They meet on the corner and a free-for-all fight ensues. Mrs. O’Brien is elected Judge of Magistrates, Court No. 23. Mr. McGinnis is brought before her, charged with having kissed his wife. Twenty years in state prison of hard labor and fasting. While his wife holds court, Mr. O’Brien attends to his household duties. Mrs. O’Brien returns from court. Dinner is not ready, the baby is not washed, the rooms are not clean. She makes him sweep the floor and cook the meal. Not satisfied with his work, Mrs. O’Brien takes the dough and throws it in her husband's face. Mr. O’Brien would like to get a divorce but such cannot be obtained when women vote.

Survival status: The film is presumed lost.

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Listing updated: 21 October 2008.

References: Sloan-Loud pp. 106, 107, 152 : Website-AFI.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  When Women Vote (1907)
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