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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2018 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
All Rights Reserved.

Early Sound Films of the Silent Era

Synchronized sound films released before The Jazz Singer (1927).

Please note that this is a database of information on films produced in the silent era of world cinema. This is not a listing of available exhibition prints or home video products, since we currently do not rent or sell either.

Updated 10 March 2015

Edison Experimental Sound Films
[Dickson Experimental Sound Film] (1895)

Hollaman-Eaves Sound Films
The Opera Martha (1898)

Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre Sound Films
[Chasles] (1900)
Le Cid (1900)
[Cossira] (1900)
Cyrano de Bergerac (1900)
Don Juan (1900)
L’enfant prodigue (1900)
Falstaff (1900)
[Féraudy] (1900)
Footit chocolat (1900)
[Javanese Dance] (1900)
[Jules Moy] (1900)
La Korrigane (1900)
Ma Cousine (1900)
Madame Sans-Gêne (1900)
[Mariette Sully] (1900)
[Mason and Forbes] (1900)
[Mily Meyer] (1900)
[Polin] (1900)
Les précieuses ridicules (1900)
[Reichemberg] (1900)
Roméo et Juliette (1900)
Sylvia (1900)
Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre Films
presented only with live sound effects

Le duel d’Hamlet (1900)
Little Tich et ses “Big Boots” (1900)

Gibbons’ Bio-Tableaux Sound Films
Algy the Piccadilly Johnny (1900)
The Blind Boy (1900)
The Cornfields Quartette (1900)
Kitty Mahone (1900)
The Lambeth Walk (1900)
Louisiana Lou (1900)
The Midnight Son (1900)
Sally in Our Alley (1900)
Turn Out of the Fire Brigade (1900)

British Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre Sound Films
Kitty Malone (1901)
The Lambeth Cake Walk (1901)
[The Midnight Sun] (1901)
Sally in Our Alley (1901)

Unknown French Process Sound Films
[Duos from Carmen] (190?)
[Sketch by Galipaux] (190?)
[Song by Yvette Guilbert] (190?)

Edison Process Sound Films
Parsifal (1904)

Lubin Cinephone Sound Films
[Black Face Comedian] (1904)
[Cornet Soloist] (1904)

Gaumont Chronophone Sound Films
[Unidentified Gaumont Film] (1902?)
[Mily Meyer] (190?)
[Polin] (190?)
[Réjane Sound Film] (1908)
[Sarah Bernhardt Sound Film] (1908)

Gaumont [British] Chronophone Sound Films
Dreamy Eyes (1905)
Animal Imitations (1906)
Ave Maria (Gounod) (1906)
Captain of the Pinafore (1906)
Chorus, Gentlemen! (1906)
The Coster’s Serenade (1906)
Exselsior (1906)
The Fireman’s Song (1906)
The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring (1906)
Goodbye Sweet Marie (1906)
The Heart Bowed Down (1906)
Here’s a How-D’Ye-Do (1906)
Home to Our Mountains (Il Trovatore) (1906)
In Montezuma from “The Belle of Mayfair” (1906)
Lakme: Les Stances (1906)
Let Me Like a Soldier Fall (1906)
Little Nell (1906)
The Lord High Executioner (1906)
The Love Song (1906)
Miserere (Il Trovatore) (1906)
Onward, Christian Soldiers (1906)
Serenade from “Faust” (1906)
Strolling Home with Angelina (1906)
Swing Song from “Veronique” (1906)
There is a Green Hill Far Away (1906)
They Can’t Diddle Me (1906)
Three Little Maids from School (1906)
Ticklish Reuben (1906)
Tit Willow (1906)
The Waltz Must Change to a March (1906)
We All Walked into the Shop (1906)
Wert Thou Not to Koko Plighted (1906)
The Whistling Coon (1906)
You’ll Remember Me (1906)
Are You Sincere? (1907)
The Bedouin’s Love Song (1907)
The Blind Violinist (1907)
The Broken Melody (1907)
Carmen (1907)
Christians Awake! (1907)
Cupid (1907)
Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight (1907)
Every Little Bit Helps (1907)
Faust (1907)
The Fireman (1907)
Glow Little Glow Worm, Glow (1907)
Harrigan (1907)
Home Again My Cherry Blossom (1907)
I Love a Lassie (1907)
Inverary (1907)
The Laughing Nigger (1907)
March of the Light Cavalry (1907)
My Indian Anna (1907)
Navaho (1907)
Nelson’s Victory (1907)
Please Conductor, Don’t Put Me Off the Train (1907)
Regiment of Frocks and Frills (1907)
The Royal Standard (1907)
She is My Daisy (1907)
Song from “The Belle of Mayfair” (1907)
Stop Your Tickling, Jock (1907)
Tala — Indian Love Song (1907)
This Little Girl and That Little Girl (1907)
Twin Brothers from “The French Maid” (1907)
Wail Till the Work Comes Round (1907)
The Wedding of Sandy McNab (1907)
We Parted on the Shore (1907)
Will Evans: On the Doorstep; Novelette; The Jockey (1907)
Won’t You Throw Me a Kiss (1907)
All Coons Look Alike to Me (Parody) (1908)
Come My Lad and Be a Soldier (1908)
D’ye Ken John Peel (1908)
Following in Father’s Footsteps (1908)
Goodbye Little Sister (1908)
Hello Little Girl, Hello (1908)
I Get Dizzy When I Do That Twostep Dance (1908)
The Keys of Heaven (1908)
Many is the Time (1908)
Montezuma (1908)
Redwing (1908)
She’s Proud and She’s Beautiful (1908)
[Take Me Back to London Town] (1908)
Waltz Me Around Again Willie (1908)
We Close at Two on Thursday (1908)
Zuyder Zee (1908)

Biophon Sound Films
Han som Klara Boren (1907)

Mendel Le Cinémato-Phono-Théâtre Sound Films
La Marseillaise (1907)
Lucia di Lammermoor (1908)

Oskar Messter Sound Films
[Death of Othello] (1907)
Desdemona (1908)
[Giampetro] (190?)
[Der grüne Wald] (190?)

Walturdaw Cinematophone Sound Films
Church Parade from “The Catch of the Season” (1907)
Cosy Corner Girl (1907)
The Criminal Cried (1907)
Down by the Old Bull and Bush (1907)
The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring (1907)
Fly Ann (1907)
Four Jolly Sailor Boys From “The Princess of Kensington” (1907)
Great Finale to Act 1 (“The Yeoman of the Guard”) (1907)
Here’s a Fine How D’Ye Do (1907)
Here Upon We’re Both Agreed (1907)
If You Want to Know Who We Are (1907)
It’s a Different Girl Again (1907)
I Would Like to Marry You (1907)
Laughing Song (1907)
The Lord High Executioner (1907)
Louba Dance (1907)
Mattschiche Dance (1907)
Miya Sama (1907)
A More Humane Mikado (1907)
Ocarina Solo (1907)
The Old Folks at Home (1907)
Our Great Mikado (1907)
Riding on Top of a Car (1907)
Swing Song from “Veronique” (1907)
They Can’t Diddle Me (1907)
Three Little Maids (1907)
Tit Willow (1907)
Waiting for Him Tonight (1907)
A Wandering Minstrel (1907)
We All Walked into the Shop (1907)
Were I Thy Bride (1907)
Were You Not to Koko Plighted (1907)
What D’Yer Want to Talk About It (1907)
Where, Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone? (1907)
The Whistling Coon (1907)
Xylophone Solo (1907)
Zuyder Zee (1907)
Billie Brown of London Town (1908)
If the Man in the Moon Were a Coon (1908)
She’s a Lassie from Lancashire (1908)

Duskes Cinophon Sound Films
Ach Wie So Trügerisch (Rigoletto) (1908)
La Donna e Mobile (1908)

National Cameraphone Sound Films
The Corsican Brothers (1909)
[I Guess I’m Bad] (1909)
[Turkish Bathhouse Scene] (1909)

Warwick Cinephone Sound Films
Love Me and the World is Mine (1908)
Oh, Oh, Antonio (1908)
All Coons Look Alike to Me (1909)
Always (1909)
Apache Dance (1909)
Are You Sincere? (1909)
Because (1909)
Bravo Territorials! (1909)
Caller Herring (1909)
Come Into the Garden, Maud (1909)
Eileen Allanah (1909)
Ever of Thee (1909)
Excelsior (1909)
Father O’Flynn (1909)
For Ever and For Ever (1909)
Four Jolly Sailormen (1909)
The Galloping Major (1909)
Hannah Won’t You Open That Door (1909)
Heard in Court (1909)
Home Again My Cherry Blossom (1909)
I Don’t Care If There’s a Girl There (1909)
I Fear No Foe (1909)
If I Should Plant a Tiny Seed of Love (1909)
I’m Afraid to Go Home in the Dark (1909)
I’m Off to Philadelphia (1909)
I’m Wearing My Heart Away for You (1909)
Isn’t It Lovely to Be in Love? (1909)
It’s a Different Girl Again (1909)
I Want You to See My Girl (1909)
John Willie, Come On (1909)
Jolly Good Company (1909)
Kate, Won’t You Roller Skate? (1909)
Kissing Duet from “The Geisha” (1909)
Land of Hope and Glory (1909)
The Laughing Song (1909)
Let’s Have a Song About the Boys (1909)
A Little Boy Called Taps (1909)
The Little Rocking Chair (1909)
Little Willie’s Wild Woodbines (1909)
Little Wooden Hut (1909)
Loch Lomond (1909)
Love’s Old Sweet Song (1909)
The Man and the Woman (1909)
Mary (1909)
Mona (1909)
My Girl’s a Yorkshire Girl (1909)
My Little Deutscher Girl (1909)
My Little Yiddisher Boy (1909)
My Rainbow (1909)
Oh, Salome, Oh, Oh, Oh! (1909)
Ora Pro Nobis (1909)
The Planter’s Wife (1909)
Queen of the Earth (1909)
The Rain Came Pitter Patter Down (1909)
The Salome Dance Music (1909)
Seaweed (1909)
Since Daddy Was Taken Away (1909)
Sneezing (1909)
Sue, Sue, Sue (1909)
The Taximeter Cab (1909)
The Villain of the Piece (1909)
The Waltz Must Turn to a March (1909)
When We’re Together (1909)
A White Man (1909)
Won’t You Waltz the Merry Widow Waltz with Me? (1909)

Animatophone Sound Films
Torreador (1909)
Faust (1910)
Il Trovatore (1910)

Gaumont Chronomegaphone Sound Films
Carmen: Air du toréador (1910)
La Légende du roi Gambrinus (1911)
La Marseillaise (1911)
[Chronophone Sound Film] (191?)

Edison Cinephonograph Sound Films
Lucia di Lammermoor (1911)

Hepworth Vivaphone Sound Films
[more than 500 titles, circa 1911-1913]
Faust (1911)
The Chocolate Major (1913)
Jimmie Valentine (1913)
Toreador Song, from Carmen (1913)
Wearing of the Green (1913)

Eugène Lauste Sound Films
[unknown titles, circa 1912-1916]

Edison Kinetophone Sound Films
The Edison Kinetophone (1913)
La Bohème (1913)
The Chimes of Normandy (1913)
The Five Bachelors (1913)
Her Redemption (1913)
The Irish Politician (1913)
A Minstrel Show (1913)
Nursery Favorites (1913)
The Transformation of Faust (1913)
Julius Caesar (1913)
Andrew Carnegie (1914)
The Birth of the Telephone (1914)
The Old Violin (1914)

Talkaphone Sound Films
[more than 800 titles, circa 1913]

U.K. Kinoplastikon Sound Films
And Very Nice Too (1913)
Good Queen Bess (1913)
His Father’s Voice: Mrs. Kelly (1913)
Persian Dance: Eightpence a Mile (1913)
Trio: Everybody’s Doing It (1913)

Biophonographe [French] Sound Films
[unknown titles, circa 1914]

Ciné-Phono Pathé Sound Films
[unknown titles, circa 1914]

Projectophon [German] Sound Films
[unknown titles, circa 1914]

Selig Polyscope Company Sound Films
Harry Lauder — Himself (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing I Love a Lassie (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing Killiecrankie (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing Roamin’ in the Gloamin’ (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing Rob Roy McIntosh (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing Saftest of His Family (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing Same as His Father Was Before Him (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing She’s Ma Daisy (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing She’s the Lass for Me (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing Wedding of Lauchie McGraw (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing Weddin’ o’ Sandy McNab (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing We Parted on the Shore (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing When I Get Back to Bonnie Scotland (1914)
Harry Lauder Singing Wie Dock and Doris (1914)

Kinetophone [Japan] Sound Films
[unknown titles, circa 1916-1917]

Gaumont [American] Sound Films
Mum’s the Word (1920)

Kellum Photo-Kinema Sound Films
Dream Street (1921)
The Famous Van Eps Trio in A Bit of Jazz (1921)
Frederick Warde Reads Poem, A Sunset Reverie (1921)
Harry Lauder (1921)
Irvin S. Cobb, All-American Story Teller (1921)
Judge Ben Lindsay in the Juvenile Court (1921)
Miller and Lyles Sing De Ducks (1921)
President Harding’s Secretary of Labor Davis (1921)
Samuel Gompers the World's Greatest Labor Leader (1921)

Gaumont Chronophone Sound Films
[General Buat] (1922)
[Paisant on France and the Unknown Warrior] (1922)

Tri-Ergon Sound Films
Der Brandstifter (1922)

De Forest Phonofilm Sound Films
[Barking Dog] (1921)
[Flying Jenny Airplane] (1921)
Barber and Jackson, The Long and Short of It (1922)
Ben Bernie and All the Lads (1922)
Casey at the Bat (1922)
Gloria Swanson and Thomas Meighan (1922)
[Lee de Forest Phonofilm Introduction] (1922)
[Marie Rappold] (1922)
Songs of Yesterday (1922)
[Abraham Lincoln I] (1923)
[Abraham Lincoln II] (1923)
Adolph Zukor Introduces Phonofilm (1923)
Bella Donna (1923)
A Boston Star: Borrah Minevitch (1923)
Charles R. Taggart “The Old Country Fiddler” At the Singing School (1923)
Cohen on the Telephone (1923)
Conchita Piquer (1923)
The Covered Wagon (1923)
Eubie Blake at the Piano (1923)
Eva Puck and Sammy White (1923)
[Henry Cass Demonstration Film] (1923)
Lillian Powell Bubble Dance (1923)
Lincoln, the Man of the People (1923)
Love’s Old Sweet Song (1923)
A Musical Monologue (1923)
Phonofilm (1923)
Rigoletto, Act Two (1923)
Sextet from Lucia di Lammermoor (1923)
Sissle and Blake (1923)
Snappy Tunes (1923)
Stringed Harmony (1923)
Weber and Fields (1923)
Domen (1924)
Fannie Ward (1924)
A Few Moments with Eddie Cantor (1924)
Five Minutes with Al Smith (1924)
George Jessel (1924)
Good-Bye My Lady Love (1924)
[John W. Davis] (1924)
The Jubilee Four (1924)
Love’s Old Sweet Song (1924)
Mother, Mother, Mother Pin a Rose on Me (1924)
Oh Mabel (1924)
Perennial Flapper (1924)
President Coolidge, Taken on the White House Grounds (1924)
[Raymond Hitchcock Sketch] (1924)
[Sarova Dancers] (1924)
[Senator Robert La Follette] (1924)
Plastigrams (1924) [reissue]
Chauncey DePew (1925)
[La chauve souris] (1925)
Daisy Bell (1925)
Dear Old Pal (1925)
Dixie (1925)
Donald Brian (1925)
Downey and Owens (1925)
East Side, West Side (1925)
[Franklin D. Roosevelt Speech] (1925)
I Love a Lassie (1925)
Luna-cy (1925)
My Wife's Gone to the Country (1925)
Nutcracker Suite (1925)
[Paul Specht Musical Number] (1925)
Retribution (1925)
[Roger Wolfe Kahn Musical Number] (1925)
Siegfried (1925)
Suwanee River (1925)
Al Herman (1926)
Annie Laurie (1926)
Bleak House (1926)
Brooke Johns and Goodee Montgomery (1926)
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1926)
Carson and Shean (1926)
Comin’ Thro’ the Rye (1926)
[Cuban Sound Documentary] (1926)
Darling Nellie Gray (1926)
Dolly Gray (1926)
Gwen Farrar (1926)
Gwen Farrar and Billy Meyerl in “I’ve Got a Sweetie on the Radio” (1926)
Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly (1926)
The Houston Sisters (1926)
I Can’t Take You Out of My Dreams (1926)
I Don’t Believe You’re in Love With Me (1926)
I Want a Pie with a Plum In (1926)
[Jack Pearl and Ben Bard] (1926)
Joe Termini the Somnolent Melodist (1926)
Julius Caesar (1926)
Knee Deep in Daisies (1926)
The Man in the Street (1926)
Margie (1926)
Marie Lloyd Jr. (1926)
My Old Kentucky Home (1926)
Nervo and Knox (1926)
Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning (1926)
Old Black Joe (1926)
The Radio Bug (1926)
The Radio Franks (1926)
Santa Claus (1926)
Sidney Bernstein Welcomes Phonofilm (1926)
Sweet Adeline (1926)
Thorpe Bates (1926)
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys Are Marching (1926)
When I Lost You (1926)
When That Yiddisher Band Played an Irish Tune (1926)
When the Midnight Choo-Choo Comes to Alabam (1926)
The Whistler (1926)
Yaka-Hula-Hicka-Ooola (1926)
The Actors’ Squad (1927)
America’s Flyers (1927)
Being All Alone (1927)
Boheme Blue (1927)
Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon (1927)
Calm As the Night (1927)
George Bernard Shaw (1927)
Harry Shalson the Popular Entertainer (1927)
His Rest Day (1927)
I Don’t Care What You Used to Be (1927)
John Citizen’s Lament (1927)
Key and Heyworth (1927)
The Lard Song (1927)
Lawrence Wright’s Sensations of 1927 (1927)
Lindburgh Reception (1927)
The London Four (1927)
Mark Griver and His Scottish Revellers (1927)
The Merchant of Venice (1927)
Norah Blaney (1927)
Packing Up (1927)
Saint Joan (1927)
Scovell and Wheldon (1927)
Sensations of 1927 (1927)
The Sentence of Death (1927)
So Blue (1927)
Syncopation and Song (1927)
Teddy Brown (1927)
There Are More Heavens Than One (1927)
The Three Rascals and a Piano (1927)
Tommy Lorne and Dumplings (1927)
Topsey Turvey (1927)
To See If My Dreams Come True (1927)
Westminster Glee Singers (1927)
Yid Nesbitt (1927)
[Yorke and Adams] (1927)
[Burke and Burke] (192?)
[Chic Sale] (192?)
[Clyde Doerr and His Sax-o-phone Sextet] (192?)
[Early Radio Broadcast] (192?)
[Fokina Swan Dance] (192?)
[Frank McHugh Sketch] (192?)
Helen Lewis and Her All-Girl Jazz Syncopators (192?)
[John Brooks] (192?)
[New York City Streets and People] (192?)
[Pavlova Swan Dance] (192?)
[Richman and Bennett Sketch] (192?)
[Scene from Lakmé] (192?)
[Sir Harry Lauder] (192?)
[Troy Fassett] (192?)

De Forest Phonofilm Corporation [British] Sound Films
The Gentlemen (1925)
Alma Barnes the Internationally Famous Mimic (1926)
Alvin and Kelvin Keech (1926)
Betty Chester the Well Known Co-Optimist Star (1926)
Billy Merson Singing Desdemona (1926)
Chorus, Gentlemen! (1926)
Dick Henderson (1926)
Ethel Hook (1926)
The Fair Maid of Perth (1926)
The Flat Charleston (1926)
The Sheik of Araby (1926)
The Antidote (1927)
Arthur Roberts (1927)
As We Lie (1927)
Billy Merson in His Harry Lauder Burlesque (1927)
Billy Merson in “Russian Opera” (1927)
Charles A. Lindbergh (1927)
The Coffee Stall (1927)
Dandy George and Rosie (1927)
Dick Henderson in a Song Scene (1927)
Dick Henderson Singing Tripe (1927)
Dick Henderson the Great Yorkshire Comedian (1927)
Dunio and Gegna (1927)
Edith Sitwell (1927)
Elga Collins the Versatile Entertainer (1927)
False Colours (1927)
Farewell Message of Mister Levine and Captain Hinchcliffe — Just Before Their Departure on Their Return Flight to America (1927)
George Jackley, the Indignant Comedian in “A Doggy Ditty” (1927)

De Forest Phonofilm [Australia] Sound Films
The Duke and Duchess of York Arrive at Farm Cove (1927)

Western Electric Sound Films
Hawthorne (1924)

Case-Sponable Sound Films
Miss Manila Martin and Her Pet Squirrel (1921)
Bird in a Cage (1923)
[Theodore Case Test Film] (1924)
Theodore Case Sound Test (1925)
[Gallagher and Shean] (1925)
Gus Visser and His Singing Duck (1925)
[Madame Fifi] (1925)
[Chinese Variety Performer with a Ukulele] (192?)
Ranger Song (192?)

Fox Movietone Sound Films
What Price Glory? (1926) [1927 rerelease]
The Family Picnic (1927)
West Point (1927)
The West Point Military Academy (1927)
7th Heaven (1927)
They’re Coming to Get Me (1927)

British Acoustic Films Sound Films
A Wet Night (1926)

Vitaphone Corporation Sound Films
Al Jolson in A Plantation Act (1926)
The Better ’ole (1926)
Between the Acts at the Opera (1926)
Caro Nome (1926)
[Dr. Watson] (1926)
Don Juan (1926)
An Evening on the Don (1926)
La Fiesta (1926)
His Pastimes (1926)
Hon. Will H. Hays, President of the Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America, Inc., Who Will Address You (1926)
The Kreutzer Sonata (1926)
Mischa Elman (1926)
Overture “Tannhauser” (1926)
Vesti La Giubba (1926)
The Voice From the Screen (1926)
The Volga Boatmen (1926)
Adele Lenarr, Juvenile Songstress and Acrobatic Dancer, Singing and Dancing (1927)
The Admirals, Four Boys and a Ukulele Offer a Program of Popular Songs (1927)
Albert Spaulding, Concert Violinist, Playing Gypsy Airs by Sarasate, Souvenir by Drdla (1927)
Albert Spaulding, Concert Violinist, Playing Nocturne No. 12 in G Major by Chopin, Hark, Hark, the Lark by Franz Schubert (1927)
Anna Case in Swanee River, Supported by Roy Smeck, Dixie Jubilee Singers; Five Gallons of Gas and No Money to Pay for It (1927)
The Arnaut Brothers (Johne and Rene) in The Famous Loving Birds (1927)
Aunt Jemima, the Original Fun Flour Maker, Accompanied by Art Sorenson at the Piano (1927)
Auriole Craven Offers Suppose I Had Never Met You (1927)
Beniamino Gigli, Assisted by M. Picco and Minna Egener and the Metropolitan Opera Chorus in Three Numbers from Cavalleria Rusticana (1927)
Beniamino Gigli of the Metropolitan Opera Co. in Program of Concert Favorites (1927)
Beniamino Gigli, Tenor of the Metropolitan Opera Company, Singing Selections from Act 2 of the Opera La Gioconda (1927)
Bennett Twins, Little Bare-Kneed Syncopators, Offer Their Song and Dance Recital (1927)
Bernardo De Pace, “The Wizard of the Mandolin” (1927)
Bert Lewis, Accompanied by Jack Carroll at the Piano, Sings I Wonder How I Look When I’m Asleep (1927)
Bert Lewis, Popular Comedian, Accompanied by Jack Carroll at the Piano, Sings If My Baby Cooks as Good as She Looks (1927)
The Bookworm (1927)
Carolynne Snowden and Company (1927)
Dick Rich and His Synchro Symphonists (1927)
Elsie Janis in a Vaudeville Act, “Behind the Lines,” Assisted by Men’s Chorus of the 107th Regiment (1927)
In a Monastery Cellar (1927)
The Jazz Singer (1927)
Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra (1927)
John Miljan — Vitaphone Trailer Announcement — “The Jazz Singer” (1927)
The Lash (1927)
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (1927)
Old San Francisco (1927)
When the Wife’s Away (1927)
When a Man Loves (1927)

Vocafilm Process Sound Films
Babe Comes Home (1927)

Synchofilms Process Sound Films
Love’s Old Sweet Song (1927)

Unknown Process Sound Films
[The Dress] (1902)
Sherlock Hochmes (1908)
Lyman Howe’s Ride on a Runaway Train (1921)
Chu Chin Chow (1923)
The Bohemian Girl (1927)
Charleston Dance (1927)
Solomon’s Children (1927)

Unconfirmed Sound Films
Les heures (1909)
Torero Song “Carmen” (Bizet) (1909)
Vals ur Salstraalen (1911)
Everybody Step in Musicolor (1922)

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Irvin Willat’s
Behind the Door (1919) starring Hobart Bosworth, Jane Novak and Wallace Beery.
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