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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2018 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
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‘A’ Companies

A & W Film Corporation
Abbey Pictures, Incorporated
A.B. Davis
A.B. Maescher Productions
Abo Feature Film Company
Academy Pictures
Achievement Films, Incorporated
Acme Pictures Corporation
Action Pictures, Incorporated
Actophone Company
Adanac Producing Company
A. Drankov Studio
Advanced Motion Pictures Corporation
Affiliated Distributors’ Corporation
A.G. Steen
A.H. Fischer Features, Incorporated
A.H. Jacobs Photoplays, Incorporated
A.H. Woods
A. Khanzhonkov and Company
Alaska Film Corporation
The Alaska Moving Picture Corporation
Alaskan-Siberian Motion Pictures
Albatros Produktions
Albert Blinkhorn
Albert Capellani Productions, Incorporated
Albertini-Film GmbH
Albion Productions
Albuquerque Film Company
Albuquerque Film Manufacturing Company
Alco Film Corporation
Alexander Film Corporation
Al Ira Smith
The Al Jennings Production Company
Alkire Productions
Allan Dwan Productions
All-Celtic Film Company
Allen Holubar Productions
All Feature Booking Agency
Allgood Picture Corporation
Alliance Film Corporation
Alliance Films Corporation
Al Lichtman Corporation
Allied Artists
Allied Authors
Allied Independent Attractions, Incorporated
Allied Production and Distributing Corporation
All Star Feature Corporation
All Star Feature Distributors
All Star Productions
Alpha Pictures, Incorporated
Alpha Trading Company
Al St. John Comedies
Amalgamated Pictures
Amalgamated Producing Company, Incorporated
Ambassador Pictures
Ambrosio American Company
American Cinema Association
American Cinema Corporation
American Cinematograph Company
American Commercial Film Company
American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief
The American Correspondent Film Company, Incorporated
American Defense Society
American Feature Film Corporation
American Film Company, Incorporated
American Film Manufacturing Company, Incorporated
American Kineto Corporation
The American Lifeograph Company
American Mutoscope & Biograph Company
American Mutoscope Company
American Releasing Corporation
American Rotograph Company
American Social Hygiene Association
American Sportagraph Company
American Standard Motion Picture Corporation
American Vitagraph Company
American Woman Film Company
America’s Feature Film Company
Amkino Corporation
Anchor Film Corporation
Anchor Film Distributors, Incorporated
Anderson-Brunton Company
Andlauer Productions
Andrew J. Callaghan Productions, Incorporated
Anglia Films
Animatophone Syndicate
Anita Stewart Productions, Incorporated
Anti-Vice Motion Picture Company
Apex Film Company
Apollo Pictures Company
Apollo Pictures, Incorporated
Archibald Nettleford Productions
Arctic Film Company
Arden Picture
Ardsley Art Film Corporation
Argosy Film Company
Argosy Film Corporation
Argus Enterprises, Incorporated
Argus Motion Picture Company
Arizona Film Company
Armat Moving Picture Company
Arrow Film Corporation
Arrow Pictures Corporation
Art Cinema Corporation
Artclass Pictures Corporation
Artco Productions, Incorporated
Artcraft Pictures Corporation
Art Dramas, Incorporated
Art-Film Aktiengesellschaft
Art Film Company
Arthur C. Bromberg Attractions
Artistica Gloria
Artistic Cinema Negatives
Artlee Pictures Corporation
Art-O-Graf Film Company
A/S Dansk Film
Asher’s Enterprise
Ashton Dearholt Productions
Asia Film Company
Associated Exhibitors, Incorporated
Associated Film Sales Corporation
Associated First National Pictures, Incorporated
Associated Independent Film Manufacturers
Associated Photoplays Corporation
Associated Pictures Corporation
Associated Producers, Incorporated
Astor Pictures
Astra Film Company
Astra Film Corporation
Astra Films
Athletic Feature Films
Atlantic Features, Incorporated
Atlantic Films
Atlantic Union
Attractions Distributing Corporation
Augustus Film
Australasian Cinematograph Company Pty, Limited
Australian Film Syndicate
Australian Life Biograph Company
Australian Photo-Play Company
Austral Super Films
Ayers Motion Picture Company
Aywon Film Corporation
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