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Mutual Film Corporation  
Type of Company Production and distribution company
Country of Origination United States of America
Years of Operation Formed March 1912, through [?] October? 1918
Company Principals Harry E. Aitken, president (1912 through May 1915)
John R. Freuler
Roy Aitken
Charles J. Hite
Company Offices 60 Wall Street, New York, New York, USA (circa October 1912)
Company Studios unknown

Mutual Film Corporation was created through financing provided by the New York investment firm, Kuhn, Loeb and Company. John R. Freuler headed an effort, endorsed by stockholders, to remove Harry E. Aitken from control of Mutual in May 1915.

Mutual distributed films produced by American Film Manufacturing Company, Incorporated (circa 1915), The American Film Company, Incorporated (circa 1918), Crystal Photoplays Corporation (circa 1915), Empire All Star Corporation (circa 1917), Gail Kane Productions (1918), Gaumont Company (circa 1915 through circa 1916), The Haworth Pictures Corporation (1918), The Keystone Film Company (1912-1915), Komic Company (circa 1914 through circa 1915), Majestic Motion Picture Company (circa 1912 through circa 1915), Reliance Motion Picture Corporation (circa 1913 through circa 1915), Signal Film Corporation (circa 1915 through circa 1917), Thanhouser Film Corporation (circa 1913 through circa 1915), Vogue Motion Picture Company (1915 through circa 1917), and William Russell Productions, Incorporated (circa 1918), and also the brand names Broncho, Domino, Kay-Bee and 101-Bison controlled by Adam Kessel and Charles O. Baumann through New York Motion Picture Company (circa 1913 through circa 1914). Novelty was a Mutual brand name in use for an undetermined company or companies circa 1915.

The Mutual Film Corporation went into motion picture production circa 1917.

References: Brownlow-Parade p. 224; Miller-Comedies p. 8 : Website-AFI.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Companies  >  M  >  Mutual Film Corporation



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