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Progressive Silent Film List
A growing source of silent era film information.
This listing is from The Progressive Silent Film List by Carl Bennett.
Copyright © 1999-2015 by Carl Bennett and the Silent Era Company.
All Rights Reserved.

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‘S’ Companies

St. Louis Motion Picture Company
S.A. Lynch Enterprises, Incorporated
Sam E. Rork Productions
Sam Sax
Samuel Bischoff Productions
Samuel Goldwyn, Incorporated
Samuelson Film Manufacturing Company, Limited
Samuelson Pictures Corporation
Samuel Van Ronkel Productions
Samuel Zierler Photoplay Corporation
Sanford Productions
Santa Barbara Motion Picture Company
S.A. Picture Corporation
Sascha Studios
Satex Film Company
Sault Ste. Marie Films
Screen Classics, Incorporated
Screen Plays
Seattle Film Company
Second National Pictures Corporation
Selecciones Núñez
Select Film Booking Agency, Incorporated
Select Pictures Corporation
The Selig Polyscope Company, Incorporated
Selznick Company
Selznick Distributing Corporation
Selznick Pictures Corporation
Serial Film Company
Serial Producing Company
Serico Producing Corporation
Seymour Hicks Productions
S. George Ullman
Sheffield Photo Company
Sherlock Holmes Series, Incorporated
Sherman-Elliott, Incorporated
Shochiku Kinema Kenkyû-jo
Short Films Syndicate, Incorporated
Showa Kinema Company
Shubert Film Corporation
Sid Films
Sidney Olcott Players, Incorporated
Sierra Pictures
Signal Film Corporation
Silent Mystery Corporation
Skandia Company
S.L.K. Serial Corporation
S-L Productions
Smallwood Film Company
Società Anonima Ambrosio
Società Anonima Stefano Pittaluga
La Société générale de Films
Société des Films Historiques
Société Francaise des Filmes et Cinématographes Éclair
Société Lumière
Société Lux
Sokal-Film GmbH
Solax Company
Solax Film Corporation
Song Films
Sono Art-World Wide Pictures
Southern California Producing Company
Southern Cross Feature Film Company
Special Comedies Corporation
Spencer Productions
Spencer’s Pictures
Sports Picture Company
S.S. Film Company
Standard Cinema Corporation
Stanford Productions
Stanley Corporation
Starlight Films
Star Productions, Incorporated
Star Serial Corporation
State Pictures Corporation
States Rights Independent Exchanges
States Film
Stereoscopic Film Company
Sterling Film Company
Sterling Pictures
Stoll Film Company, Limited
Storey Pictures, Incorporated
Sturgeon-Hubbard Company
Submarine Film Corporation
Success Film Company
Süd-Film Aktiengesellschaft
Sunbeam Motion Picture Corporation
Sunny South Film Company
Sun Photoplay Company
Sunset Pictures Corporation
Sunset Productions
Sunshine Company
Suomen Filmkuvaamo
Suomi-Filmi Oy
Superba Company
Supreme Pictures Corporation
Sutherland, Limited
Svenska Biografteatern AB
Svensk Filmindustri
Syndicate Film Corporation
Syndicate Pictures
Syracuse Motion Picture Company
See also:
Sameth, J. Joseph  >  J. Joseph Sameth Productions
Samuelson, G.B.  >  Samuelson Film Manufacturing Company, Limited
SASP  >  Società Anonima Stefano Pittaluga
Savage, Henry W.  >  Henry W. Savage, Incorporated
Sax, Sam  >  Sam Sax
Schenck, Joseph M.  >  Joseph M. Schenck Productions
Schertzinger, Victor  >  Victor Schertzinger Productions
Schlank, Morris R.  >  Morris R. Schlank Productions
Schulberg, B.P.  >  B.P. Schulberg Productions and Preferred Pictures, Incorporated
Schwab, D.N.  >  D.N. Schwab Productions, Incorporated
Selznick, Lewis J.  >  Lewis J. Selznick Enterprises, Incorporated, Selznick Pictures Corporation,
Selznick Distributing Corporation, and National Picture Theatres, Incorporated
Sennett, Mack  >  Mack Sennett Comedies and Mack Sennett Productions
Shipman, Nell  >  Nell Shipman Productions
Shurtleff, C.E.  >  C.E. Shurtleff, Incorporated
Smith, Al Ira  >  Al Ira Smith
Smith, G.A.  >  G.A. Smith and G.A.S. Films
Smith, W.M.  >  W.M. Smith Productions
Spanuth, H.A.  >  Commonwealth Pictures Corporation
Stahl, John M.  >  John M. Stahl Productions
Star Film  >  Méliès Star-Film
Steiner, William  >  William Steiner Productions
Stewart, Anita  >  Anita Stewart Productions, Incorporated
Strauss, Malcolm  >  Malcolm Strauss Pictures
Stromberg, Hunt  >  Hunt Stromberg Productions
Sturgeon, Rollin  >  Sturgeon-Hubbard Company
Swedish Biograph  >  Svensk Filmindustri
Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Companies  >  S
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