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  Lon Chaney and Anna May Wong.
Photograph: Silent Era image collection.
Bits of Life
(1921) American
B&W : Six reels / 6339 feet
Directed by Marshall Neilan

Cast: Wesley Barry [Tom Levitt, as a boy], Rockcliffe Fellows [Tom Levitt], Lon Chaney [Chin Gow], Noah Beery (Sr.) [a hindoo], Anna May Wong [Chin Gow’s wife], John Bowers [the dentist’s patient], Teddy Sampson, Dorothy Mackaill, Edythe Chapman, Frederick Burton, Tammany Young, James Bradbury Jr., Harriet Hammond, James Neill, Scott Welsh

Marshall Neilan Productions, Incorporated, production; distributed by Associated First National Pictures, Incorporated. / Scenario by Lucrita Squier, from [?] the short story “The Bad Samaritan” by Thomas McMorrow?, the short story “The Man Who Heard Everything” by Walter Trumbull, the short story “Hop” by Hugh Wiley, and the screen story “The Intrigue” by Marshall Neilan. Assistant directors, James Flood and William Scully. Presented by Marshall Neilan. / © 25 October 1921 by Marshall Neilan Productions, Incorporated [LP17129]. Released 26 September 1921. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / Four short stories make up this feature: The first episode was entitled “The Bad Samaritan”; the second episode was entitled “The Man Who Heard Everything”; the third episode was entitled “Hop”; and the fourth episode was entitled “The Intrigue.”


Survival status: The film is presumed lost.

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Barbers - Chinese - Deaf persons - Hearing aids

Listing updated: 22 May 2012.

References: Brownlow-Parade p. 266; Drew-Speaking p. 237; Schuchman-Hollywood pp. 35, 110; Weaver-Twenty p. 76 : Website-AFI.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Bits of Life (1921)
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