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For His Son
Also known as Pour son fils in France
(1912) American
B&W : Split-reel
Directed by D.W. Griffith

Cast: Charles Hill Mailes [the father, a physician], Charles H. West [the son], Blanche Sweet [his fiancée], Dorothy Bernard [the secretary], Alfred Paget [the office clerk], William Bechtel [a man in the office], Dell Henderson [a man in the office], Grace Henderson [the landlady], Harry Hyde [one of the son’s friends], W. Christy Cabanne (Christy Cabanne) [one of the son’s friends; and a man at the soda fountain], Edward Dillon [a man at the soda fountain], Edna Foster [a woman at the soda fountain], Robert Harron [a man at the soda fountain], J. Jiquel Lanoe [a man at the soda fountain], Gus Pixley [a man at the soda fountain], W.C. Robinson [a man at the soda fountain], Inez Seabury (Ynez Seabury) [a woman at the soda fountain], Kate Toncray [a woman at the soda fountain]

Biograph Company production; distributed by The General Film Company, Incorporated. / Scenario by Emmett C. Hall. Cinematography by G.W. Bitzer. / Released 22 January 1912. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format.


Survival status: Prints exist in the film holdings of Worldview Entertainment (Paul Killiam collection) [35mm positive]; and in the film holdings of Film Preservation Associates [35mm positive (duplicated from Killiam elements)].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Addiction: Cocaine - Bottles - Crates - Death - Drugstores - Elopements - Engagements: Broken - Families: Father-son relationships, Fathers, Sons - Fiancees - Flowers - Furniture: Chairs, Desks - Greed - Hats: Top - Illness: Heart attacks - Medical: Doctors - Money - Morals - Offices - Pharmacies - Safes - Secretaries - Signage - Soda fountains - Soft drinks - Telephones - Tobacco: Cigarettes, Cigars - Wagons

Listing updated: 23 May 2014.

References: Film credits, film viewing : Barry-Griffith p. 43; Drew-Speaking p. 285; Everson-American p. 48; Sloan-Loud p. 148; Spehr-American p. 2.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  For His Son (1912)
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