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  John Gilbert and Estelle Taylor.
Photograph: Silent Era image collection.
Monte Cristo
Also known as {The Count of Monte Cristo}
(1922) American
B&W : Ten reels / 9828 feet
Directed by Emmett J. Flynn

Cast: John Gilbert [Edmond Dantes], Estelle Taylor [Mercedes, later the Countess de Morcerf], Robert McKim [De Villefort, the royal prosecutor], William V. Mong [Caderousse, the innkeeper], Virginia Browne Faire [Haidee, an Arabian princess], George Siegmann [Luigi Vampa, an expirate], Spottiswoode Aitken [Abbé Faria], Ralph Cloninger [Fernand Montego, later the Count de Morcerf], Albert Prisco [Danglars, the quartermaster, later Baron Danglars], Gaston Glass [Albert de Morcerf], Al Filson [Morrel, the shipowner], Harry Lonsdale [the elder Dantes, Edmond’s father], Francis McDonald [Benedetto, de Villefort’s son], Jack Cosgrove [the governor of Chateau d’If], Maude George [Baroness Danglars], Renée Adorée [Madamoiselle Danglars], George Campbell [Napoleon], Willard Koch [the tailor at Chateau d’If], Howard Kendall [surgeon]

Fox Film Corporation production; distributed by Fox Film Corporation. / Produced by William Fox. Scenario by Bernard McConville, from the adaptation by Alexander Salvini (Sandro Salvini) of the play adaptation Le comte de Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo) by Charles Fechter and the novel Le comte de Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo) by Alexandre Dumas (père). Art direction by William Darling. Cinematography by Lucien Andriot. Presented by William Fox. / © 3 September 1922 by Fox Film Corporation [LP18994]. Premiered circa 1 April 1922 in Boston, Massachusetts. General release, 3 September 1922. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The film was rereleased in the USA by Fox Film Corporation in April 1927.

Drama: Historical.

Synopsis: Synopsis available in AFI-F2 n. F2.3687.

Survival status: Print exists [incomplete 35mm nitrate positive (export version, Czech intertitles)].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Authors: Alexandre Dumas - France: Marseilles - USA: California: Corona del Mar - USA: California: Newport Beach

Listing updated: 16 October 2011.

References: Film viewing : AFI-F1 n. F1.0810; AFI-F2 n. F2.3687; McCaffrey-Guide p. 19; Sherwood-Best p. 178; Weaver-Twenty pp. 27, 28, 143 : AmerCine-199510 p. 100 : Website-AFI.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Monte Cristo (1922)



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