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My Official Wife
(1914) American
B&W : Five reels
Directed by James Young

Cast: Clara Kimball Young [Helene Marie], Harry T. Morey [Arthur Bainbridge Lennox], Earle Williams [Sacha], L. Roger Lytton [Baron Friederich], Rose E. Tapley [Laura], Mary Anderson [Marguerite], Arthur Cozine [Basile Weletsky], Eulalie Jensen [Eugenie], Charles Wellesley [Constantine Weletsky], Louise Beaudet [Olga], Helen Connelly [Sophie], Mary Charleston, [?] Rudolph Valentino [extra]?

The Vitagraph Company of America production; distributed by The General Film Company, Incorporated [Special Features Department; Broadway Star Features]. / Scenario by Marguerite Bertsch, from the novel My Official Wife by Richard Henry Savage. Cinematography by Robert A. Stuart. / © 11 August 1914 by The Vitagraph Company of America [LP3182]. Premiered 13 July 1914 at Vitagraph Theatre in New York, New York. Released August 1914. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format. / Russian advisor on the film, Nick Dunaew, is reputed to have once brought Leon Trotsky to the set of this film and appeared in the picture! More likely, an actor was made up to resemble Trotsky for a touch of Russian realism, as can be seen in the film clip below. The film was rereleased in the USA by V-L-S-E, Incorporated, on 25 December 1916.


Survival status: The film is presumed lost : Fragmentary print exists [approximately 45 seconds of footage].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: American (Abroad)

Listing updated: 4 February 2010.

References: Brownlow-Parade p. 18; Tarbox-Lost p. 192 : ClasIm-240 p. 22 : Website-AFI.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  My Official Wife (1914)



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