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(1917) American
B&W : Five reels
Directed by Allan Dwan

Cast: Norma Talmadge, Earle Foxe, Roger Lytton, George Fawcett, Murdock McQuarrie, Count Erich von Stroheim (Erich von Stroheim), Norbert Wicki, William Abington (William L. Abingdon), Winifred Harris, Eileen Persey [?] (Eileen Percy?), Stafford Windsor, Dick Rosson (Richard Rosson), Frank Currier, Herbert Barry, Jack Meredith, Henry Thorpe, William Lloyd, J.S. Furey, Charles Frankman

Norma Talmadge Film Corporation production; distributed by Lewis J. Selznick Enterprises, Incorporated. / Scenario by Allan Dwan, from the play Panthea by Monckton Hoffe. Assistant directors, Arthur Rosson + [Erich von Stroheim]. Cinematography by Roy Overbaugh [?] and Harold Rosson? Presented by Joseph M. Schenck. / © 8 January 1917 by Norma Talmadge Film Corporation [LP9961]. Released 6 January 1917. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / Talmadge’s first film for Selznick. The production was shot at the old Biograph Studio in New York, New York. The film was rereleased on 2 August 1920 in the USA by Selznick Pictures Corporation. [?] A contemporary source lists Henry Grant as working on the film as writer, actor or assistant director. [?] Some modern sources list the film’s length as seven reels. [?] Another modern source lists the scenario writer as Mildred Considine.


Synopsis: Synopsis available in AFI-F1 n. F1.3351.

Survival status: The film is presumed lost.

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: British - Composers - Marriage - Musicians: Pianists - Operas - Russia - Russians - United Kingdom: England

Listing updated: 20 June 2012.

References: AFI-F1 n. F1.3351; Bogdanovich-Dwan pp. 8, 42-44; Dardis-Keaton p. 41; FilmYearBook-1926 p. 11; Spehr-American p. 5 : Website-Talmadge.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Panthea (1917)
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