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  [?] Lon Chaney? (left) and Cleo Madison (right).
Photograph: courtesy Jon Mirsalis at
The Trey o’ Hearts
(1914) American
B&W : Serial / 31 reels
Directed by Wilfred Lucas and Henry MacRae

Cast: Cleo Madison [Rose Trine; Judith Trine], George Larkin [Alan Law], Edward Sloman [Seneca Trine], Thomas Walsh [Barcus], Roy Hanford [Marrophat], Charles Brinley, Doris Pawn, George Backus, Joe Garcia, [?] Lon Chaney?

The Universal Film Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, production; distributed by The Universal Film Manufacturing Company, Incorporated [Universal Gold Seal]. / Scenario by Bess Meredyth + [Allan Dwan], from a novel by Louis Joseph Vance. / 15 episodes (two reels each): [1] “Flower o’ Flames,” released 4 August 1914 (three reels); [2] “White Water,” released 11 August 1914; [3] “The Sea Venture,” released 18 August 1914; [4] “Dead Reckoning,” released 25 August 1914; [5] “The Sunset Tide,” released 1 September 1914; [6] “The Crack o’ Doom,” released 8 September 1914; [7] “The Stalemate,” released 15 September 1914; [8] “The Mock Rose,” released 22 September 1914; [9] “As the Crow Flies,” released 29 September 1914; [10] “Steel Ribbons,” released 6 October 1914; [11] “The Painted Hills,” released 13 October 1914; [12] “The Mirage,” released 20 October 1914; [13] “The Jaws of Death,” released 27 October 1914; [14] “The First Law,” released 3 November 1914; [15] “The Last Trump,” released 10 November 1914 (three reels). / Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format.


Survival status: The film is presumed lost.

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Dual roles - Serials - Twins

Listing updated: 10 September 2014.

References: Braff-Universal n. 8362, p. 588; Edmonds-BigU pp. 39-40, 42, 48; Lahue-Bound pp. 21, 22; Lahue-Continued pp. 159, 289; Slide-Aspects p. 57; Stedman-Serials p. 14 : ClasIm-204 p. 14 : Website-Chaney; Website-IMDb; Website-SerSq.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Trey o’ Hearts (1914)
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