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(1924) American
Color/B&W : Eight reels / 7400 feet
Directed by George Fitzmaurice

Cast: Irene Rich [Fanny Randon], Lewis Stone [Lee Randon], Norman Kerry [Peyton Morris], Betty Bouton [Claire Morris], Alma Rubens [Savina Grove], Charles Wellesley [William Grove], Constance Bennett [Annette Sherwin], Peaches Jackson [Randon child], Mickey Moore [Randon child], Hugh Saxon [the Randon butler], Lee Hill [the Grove butler], Lydia Yeamans Titus [the laundress], Brandon Hurst [Daniel Randon]

Madison Productions (Samuel Goldwyn, Incorporated) production; distributed by Associated First National Pictures, Incorporated. / Scenario by Frances Marion, from the novel Cytherea, Goddess of Love by Joseph Hergesheimer. Technical advisor, J.A. Ball. Technical director, Ben Carré. Cinematography by Arthur Miller (Arthur C. Miller). Edited by Stuart Heisler. Presented by Samuel Goldwyn. / © 24 April 1924 by Madison Productions [LP20119]. Released 4 May 1924. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. Technicolor [process two] two-strip color process sequences. / The production was shot in New York and Hollywood, California. The first commercial Technicolor footage shot under artificial lighting. The film featured two Technicolor sequences, the Cuban sequence and a dream sequence.

Drama: Romance.

Survival status: (unknown)

Current rights holder: (unknown)

Keywords: Color cinematography

Listing updated: 14 August 2008.

References: Basten-Technicolor pp. 33, 169; Bohn-Light p. 194; Brownlow-Behind p. 20; Davies-Times p. 149 : Website-AFI.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Cytherea (1924)



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