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The Face in the Fog
(1922) American
B&W : Seven reels / 6095 feet
Directed by Alan Crosland (Sr.)

Cast: Lionel Barrymore [Boston Blackie Dawson], Seena Owen [Grand Duchess Tatiana], Lowell Sherman [Count Alexis Orloff], George Nash [Detective Huck Kant], Louis Wolheim [Petrus, the revolutionary], Mary MacLaren [Mary Dawson, Blackie’s wife], Macey Harlam [Count Ivan], Gustav von Seyffertitz [Michael, a family servant], Joe King [Detective Wren], Tom Blake [Surtep], Marie Burke [Olga], Joseph Smiley [the police captain], Martin Faust [Ivan’s valet], Mario Majeroni [Grand Duke Alexis]

Cosmopolitan Productions production; distributed by International Film Service Company, Incorporated, through Paramount Pictures Corporation. / Scenario by John Lynch and Jack Boyle, from the Boston Blackie stories by Jack Boyle. Production manager, John Lynch. Cinematography by Ira H. Morgan and Harold Wenstrom. / © 27 September 1922 by Cosmopolitan Productions [LP18332]. Released 8 October 1922. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format.

Drama: Crime.

Survival status: Print exists in the Library of Congress film archive.

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Jewelry: Crown jewels - Russians

Listing updated: 5 August 2012.

References: Bohn-Light p. 116; Sherwood-Best p. 164; Steinbrunner-Encyclopedia p. 40 : Website-AFI : with additional information provided by Manish Patwari.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  The Face in the Fog (1922)



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