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Home Sweet Home
(1914) American
B&W : Six reels
Directed by D.W. Griffith

Cast: Henry B. Walthall [John Howard Payne], Josephine Crowell [his mother], Lillian Gish [his sweetheart], Dorothy Gish [his sister], Fay Tincher [the worldly woman], Mae Marsh [‘Apple Pie’ Mary], Robert Harron [the easterner], Spottiswoode Aitken [Mary’s father], Miriam Cooper [the fiancée], Mary Alden [the mother (second episode)], Donald Crisp [her son], James Kirkwood [her son], Jack Pickford [her son], Courtenay Foote [the husband (third episode)], Blanche Sweet [the wife (third episode)], Owen Moore [the tempter], Edward Dillon [the musician], Betty Marsh [the baby], George Berringer (André Beranger) [the accordion player], Teddy Sampson [the maid], Ralph Lewis, Irene Hunt, John Dillon (John Francis Dillon), Earle Foxe, W.H. Long (Walter Long), George Siegmann, F.A. Turner, W.E. Lawrence, Fred Burns, Howard Gaye

Reliance Motion Picture Corporation and Majestic Motion Picture Company production; distributed by Continental Feature Film Corporation (Mutual Film Corporation). / Scenario by D.W. Griffith and Harry E. Aitken, inspired by the song “Home, Sweet Home” by Sir Henry Rowley Bishop (music, arrangement of “Sicilian Air”) and John Howard Payne (lyrics). Property man, Ralph DeLacy. Cinematography by G.W. Bitzer. Camera assistant, Karl Brown. Edited by James Smith and Rose Richtel. / Premiered 4 May 1914 at Clune’s Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Premiered 17 May 1914 at the Mark Strand Theatre in New York, New York. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / Betty Marsh’s film debut.


Synopsis: Series of three stories, with a prologue and epilogue.

Survival status: Prints exist in the film holdings of Cohen Media Group (Raymond Rohauer collection) [35mm positive]; in the film holdings of EmGee Film Library [16mm reduction positive]; and in private film collections [16mm reduction positives].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Listing updated: 5 October 2014.

References: Barry-Griffith pp. 19, 45, 46; Cooper-Dark pp. 49-50, 57; Drew-Speaking p. 286; Everson-American p. 76; Fell-History pp. 56, 64; Limbacher-Feature p. 111; Slide-Aspects p. 22; Tarbox-Lost pp. 175, 180, 204; Weaver-Twenty pp. 28, 144, 145 : Website-AFI.

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Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Home Sweet Home (1914)
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